Label Party Platters With Sticky Notes Beforehand To Make Hosting A Breeze

Of the many tips and tricks that can alleviate some of the stresses of hosting a party, planning ahead is the best piece of advice that we can share. After nailing down a budget and the menu plan, you can start drafting a shopping list and developing a schedule for what needs to get done and when. That said, while deciding how you'll plate items isn't the most pressing of issues, it is still important. Thankfully, it's also extremely easy to do with the help of a few sticky notes.

Selecting trays, platters, and tiered stands before throwing a get-together will keep things running smoothly as it saves you from scrambling to find suitable options at the last minute — something that can be particularly tricky if you're following a theme. Instead, figuring out serveware prior to a party gives you the chance to raid the collection of dishware hiding deep in your cabinets, and come to a decision more calmly. It can even give you time to pick up any different sizes or styles of platters and plates that you might be missing.

However, since you might not remember which platters are destined for which foods, it's best to label them with sticky notes as you brainstorm. Just write down the name of the menu item, stick it on the desired serving tray, and remove it when you're ready to plate. Additionally, sticky notes can be used to better organize the layout of grazing boards.

Sticky notes save the day in more ways than one

Given what an effective tool sticky notes can be during party planning, it's no surprise that they can be equally as useful during other moments of entertaining. For example, if you're hosting a potluck where everyone must bring something, use the notes to label the bottom of the tray with the guest's name. Doing this will ensure no one runs the risk of leaving with the wrong platter.

Moreover, sticky notes can prove useful for describing dishes on a buffet table or items on a charcuterie board. Since there might be unfamiliar delicacies, labeling can answer guests' questions without having to ask the host. To fashion a flag-esque label, all you need to do is thread a toothpick through one side of a sticky note or wrap the paper around a toothpick, adhering to a piece of tape if necessary. For an aesthetic touch, you can use colorful sticky notes and creative fonts that match the theme — you can even label dishes using cheeky wordplay.

Last but not least, sticky notes can help keep tabs on leftovers. After packing up what's left, label anything that you plan on keeping in the fridge, including details like the date. Note that for freezer-bound goodies, you might need to bust out a marker as a sticky note might fall off.