Thin-Cut Bacon Is Key For Perfectly Crisp Wrapped Shrimp

Bacon is undeniably delicious on its own, but it also pairs well with a number of other ingredients, such as shrimp — and the best way to enjoy the two together is to wrap the bacon around the shrimp so that you taste both of the star ingredients together in every bite. Plus, it makes for an easy-to-eat appetizer to serve at a dinner party. For those of you interested in the tasty combination, Tasting Table has a recipe for bacon-wrapped shrimp, which was developed by Kit Hondrum.

It's a simple and straightforward recipe that takes less than 25 minutes total, but be sure not to rush through it because there are a few details that you want to make sure to get just right — one being the cut of bacon that you use. Hondrum explains, "Make sure to use thin-sliced bacon as thick-cut will not get as crispy." With bacon being in the name of the recipe, you definitely don't want to mess that part up.

Why sticking to thin-cut is so important

As Hondrum explained, the reason to choose thin-cut bacon over a thicker counterpart is because thick-cut bacon will not crisp up the way that we want it to for this recipe. While broiling the bacon, you'll be looking for brown edges, which indicate that the bacon is done cooking, and you'll be waiting much too long if you use a thicker cut. Plus, you may not be able to wrap thick-cut bacon around the shrimp easily, or it will completely envelop the shrimp so that you're left with what looks like a clump of just bacon.

On the other hand, thin-cut bacon won't overpower the flavor of the shrimp, so you'll be able to taste both delicious elements evenly. Plus, both ingredients will be on display — the dish makes for quite the visually appealing appetizer, leaving an impression on your dinner guests.