Use Hooks To Store Pot Lids On Cabinet Doors And Free Up Space

The dream kitchen cabinet scenario? Storing lidded pots and pans on shelves in the same roomy spot so you can easily reach them to make a stress-free meal. However, those of us who are limited on space are living a daily nightmare battling with lids pushed into tight spaces beside the wrong pans, and their matching pots messily stacked in disorganized cabinets or cramped drawers.

If you're sick of searching through a cluttered pile of kitchen kit for the right pan lid, we've got a tip that will transform your cooking life for good — use sticky hooks to store pot lids on cabinet doors to free up space. Yes, all you'll need are a handful of strong self-adhesive hooks, a pencil, and about 10 minutes to declutter your kitchen space, create extra room in your cabinets, and streamline your cooking process forever.

The main benefit of this hack is that it creates an organized area for your pan lids on an otherwise dead space; you're simply repurposing an empty, vertical area of your kitchen. Plus, this damage-free technique works on everything from regular-sized cupboards to large pantry-style doors. As long as your lids can be arranged to fit on the available space, you'll be able to neatly store and hide them away in an easy-to-access location.

Each lid needs a minimum of two hooks

Set aside two hooks with self-adhesive backs for each of your pan lids (you may need to add a third depending on the size and weight of your lids). Then arrange your lids on your cabinet door to see how many you can neatly fit in the space available. Use a pencil to mark their circumference or apply a small piece of painter's tape to a couple of the edges so you know where to stick the hooks.

Now, imagine the lid is a clock face and apply one of the hooks to the door at the 4 o'clock position and the other at 8 o'clock so they can support its weight. This particular placement isn't mandatory but it makes a great starting point to work from. You can adjust the hooks to your liking so they fit neatly within the dimensions of your cupboard door and safely support the lids. However, make sure that when you place the lids on the door, their bottom half safely sits inside the hooks and isn't tipping forward. If your lid is extra large and doesn't feel secure, add a third hook to the mix. To prevent damage to the hinges of your cabinets from the weight of heavier lids, spread them out over two or three doors instead of placing them all in a single area. Once your handiwork is complete, you can chef it up like a boss in your clutter-free kitchen.