12 Notable Drive-Thru-Only Coffee Shops In The US

If you like your coffee served quickly and conveniently, you're likely a fan of drive-thru coffee. Introduced in the 1970s by the fast-food industry, the drive-thru concept evolved in the 1990s when coffee shops entered the scene. On-the-go coffee soon became an ordinary, if not necessary, part of life for busy commuters and coffee lovers alike, and just about every major coffee chain in the United States offers drive-thru service today.

For most shops, the drive-thru is complementary to an indoor cafe. However, there are also many that operate solely as drive-thrus. Although coffee in the drive-thru is no longer a novel concept, drive-thru-only coffee shops represent a distinct business model within the wider coffee industry. These drive-thru establishments cater specifically to customers who prefer to acquire their cup of joe from the comfort of their vehicles.

While these drive-thru coffee shops have been around for some time, they have gained popularity in recent years due to the increasing demand for on-the-go and contactless service. Even though they may not offer the typical coffeehouse vibe and refuge for weary laptop workers, the drive-thru shops have their own unique assets and charms. We scoured the internet for customer reviews and recommendations, taking particular note of each shop's service, acclaim, and, of course, quality of coffee. Ultimately, we identified 12 drive-thru-only coffee shops across the country worth visiting.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Originating in Grants Pass, Oregon, with a single coffee pushcart and espresso machine more than 30 years ago, Dutch Bros Coffee now has nearly 800 drive-thru locations across 16 states. Although the shops are primarily located on the West Coast, they have expanded as far east as Tennessee and plan to open locations in Florida as well.

It only takes a quick glance at this shop's extensive drink menu to see how far Dutch Bros has come from the simple espresso beverages of the early drive-thru days. The offerings now include blended frozen coffees, shakes, smoothies, flavored teas, lemonades, chai, sodas, and Rebel, its customizable energy drink.

If you're more of a traditional coffee drinker, you can pick from an Americano made with Dutch Bros Private reserve coffee blend or a cold brew, which is available cold or toasted. You'll find creative espresso concoctions throughout the classic and seasonal menu categories, such as an Irish cream breve called the Kicker, an extra double shot vanilla mocha named Double Torture, or the holiday-inspired Hazelnut Truffle Mocha.


The Human Bean

You may not expect meaningful human interactions at a drive-thru window, but that's the mission at The Human Bean. Founded in southern Oregon in the late 1990s, the company has expanded to hundreds of drive-thru-only franchise locations across the United States with the mission to "make your day, one drink at a time."

The menu at The Human Bean includes common coffee beverages, such as lattes, mochas, cold brew, cappuccino, and even a basic cup of coffee. You'll also find frozen coffees, smoothies, and energy drinks to customize with your favorite kinds of milk and syrups. In fact, nearly every beverage on the menu appears to allow for a complete customization. And if you keep updated with the company's blog, or perhaps download its own rewards app, you'll know about the latest drinks featured on the secret menu.

The Human Bean believes in giving back to their local communities and does so in several ways. Three of their key efforts include planting a tree for every drink sold on Earth Day, partnering with food banks to fill shelves with food in the summer, and raising funds that support breast cancer treatment.


Shadrachs Coffee Roasting Company

Shadrachs Coffee Roasting Company, located in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi, started in 2004, seeking to provide a blend of taste, speed, and friendliness. Unlike some of the other drive-thru-only coffee shops out there, Shadrachs doesn't just serve up coffee to its customers; it also roasts its own Arabica coffee beans to ensure quality and freshness no matter which of its 14 locations you visit. 

The menu at Shadrachs' includes drip coffees, cold brews, and several sweet and flavorful espresso drinks for all tastes and preferences. Pick from classics like the Mad Shad, which includes white or regular chocolate blended with caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. Or perhaps you'll want to try something from the secret menu, like the Cinnamon Roll Mocha or En Fuego – a mixture of white chocolate, hazelnut, and an impressive six shots of espresso. Aside from espresso, Shadrachs also features its energy drink line called the Rad Shaddy and catchy lemonade flavors like Sour Patch Kiddo, Mermaid Tears, and Fizzy Unicorn.


T.H.I.N.K. Coffee

T.H.I.N.K., short for Therapy in a Kup, is a small family-owned chain of drive-thru coffee shops in Arkansas. The shops focus on speedy service and giving back to their communities. The owners started the business in 2018 to provide Arkansas with a locally-owned alternative to the big coffee companies and to offer charitable contributions to families with special needs children.

On the menu at T.H.I.N.K. you'll find brown sugar shaken espresso, lattes, mochas, macchiatos, and cold brew coffee. For those seeking alternatives to espresso, there are several options available including tea drinks like London Fog, matcha lattes, chai, smoothies, and non-caffeinated beverages suitable for kids and pets. Muffins, bagels, scones, and breakfast sandwiches are all available if you need a bite while you're there. You can guarantee an even quicker time in T.H.I.N.K.'s drive-thru line by placing your order in advance using the online order form on its website.


7 Brew

7 Brew was founded with the desire to transform the drive-thru coffee model into an enjoyable experience where kindness and joy are served along with unique espresso beverages and personalized energy drinks. With 160 stands across the Midwest and Southern United States, it prioritizes not only quality and speed but also building connections with its customers and its staff. 

All the classic coffee beverages, in addition to teas, smoothies, shakes, and fizzy drinks, are on the menu at 7 Brew, along with its customizable energy drink, Seven Energy. Expect seasonal flavors, including creme brulee, pumpkin roll, smores, eggnog, and snickerdoodle, which vary depending on the time of year. Fans on social media often express fond appreciation for 7 Brew's superior service and unique drink flavors compared to some of the larger coffee shop businesses.

One fun program 7 Brew is running at its shops in 2023 is 7 Brew Heroes. Each month, customers can nominate a local person who has impacted their community to win $500 and a year of free coffee. At the end of the year, one of these winners will be named Hero of the Year and receive a $10,000 grand prize.


Sorrento's Coffee Drive Thru

Sorrento's is a quaint family-owned coffee shop situated in Austin, Texas. Here you can enjoy a variety of beverages, including classic hot and iced coffee drinks, Italian sodas, matcha, fruit smoothies, homemade chai, teas, and milkshakes. For those needing an extra caffeine boost, the extra-large espresso beverages include an energetic four shots of espresso.

In addition to a drive-thru window, the shop serves pedestrians at a walk-up window where, at either window, you can order any of its beverages and items off the food menu. You may be surprised to find locally made kolaches, a sweet fruit pastry from the Czech Republic. Sorrento's kolache, however, is savory and includes egg, cheese, spinach, and meat varieties. Another food item worth noting is tacos, an unexpected find at a drive-thru coffee shop possibly anywhere but Texas. If gluten-free and vegan options are important to you, you'll find them at Sorrento's as well. 



3021 West Anderson Lane, Austin, Texas 78757


Jolt is also a family-owned drive-thru coffee shop with three locations in Texas – two in New Braunfels and one in Universal City. The business had a humble start in the garage of the owners where they served neighbors who would line up around the block to sample their coffees. Today, Jolt provides its customers with an unforgettable experience and beverages to help beat the scorching Texas heat. 

Signature espresso drinks are at the heart of Jolt's menu, with flavors like the Sticky Mocha, which includes a combo of buttery caramel and mocha, and the White Lighting, which includes cream, vanilla, and white chocolate. Blended frozen beverages are also available, as well as classic coffee options, smoothies, tea, soda, and Jolt's own energy drink, Aura Energy. 

Reviewers comment about their appreciation for the quality service, great-tasting beverages, and value for their money. Regular customers will want to take advantage of the Jolt app, where they can receive points for purchases, notifications about specials, and take advantage of freebies.


Drip Thru Coffee

Drip Thru was founded in 2013, inspired by the coffee culture of the Pacific Northwest. It was established to cater to the busy commuters around Atlanta, providing them with quick and high-quality coffee. The company serves locally roasted, organic, and fair trade certified coffee, believing that speed shouldn't compromise the quality of service and coffee itself.

You'll find coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, chai, matcha, hot chocolate, coffee frappes, smoothies, and more at either of Drip Thru's two Atlanta locations. Beverages can be made hot or iced, flavored with seasonal and sugar-free syrups, include dairy or dairy-free milk alternatives, and contain various other add-in options. For food, Drip Thru has pastries, oatmeal, and snack bars to complement your beverage selection. Boxes of coffee are also available if you need to serve up to 10 people, and Drip Thru's own branded coffee beans are for sale if you'd like to brew your coffee at home.


Scooter's Coffee

Scooter's Coffee began 25 years ago in Nebraska and has grown to over 700 locations nationwide. The company values the relationships it cultivates with everyone involved in its coffee-making process, from the farmers who grow the beans, to the employees, customers, and suppliers. Scooter's Coffee takes pride in using only the top 10% of the world's specialty coffee beans in its roasts.

The Caramelicious is the signature drink at Scooter's Coffee. It's a combination of smooth caramel sauce, frothy hot milk, and espresso that's topped with whipped cream and drizzled with even more caramel. The extensive menu has something for everyone, from basic coffee drinks to blended frozen coffee creations, not to mention smoothies and teas. 

Hungry customers will appreciate the numerous food options, including burritos, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries. When you can't make it to a Scooter's Coffee location, you can order its coffee beans and flavored blends through its website and join a coffee subscription to receive a regular shipment at your door.


Florence Coffee Company

Florence Coffee Company has 24 drive-thru kiosks in 13 western Montana towns, and this family-owned and operated business features dozens of specialty coffee and energy drink flavors. If you're unsure what you'd like to drink, that's not a problem, as the company is so confident in its quality that it'll let you try samples before placing your order.

You'll find ample specialty coffees on the menu at Florence Coffee Company with names such as Captain Crunch, Cream Puff, Andes Mint Mocha, Lavender Cream, and dozens of others. But if you'd rather have an energy drink than an espresso-based beverage, the Lotus Energy Drink is the way to go, available in its own expansive list of color and flavor combinations. The Care Bear, for instance, is a mix of pink and purple Lotus drinks with lavender and huckleberry flavors, cream, and a topping of whipped cream and sprinkles.


Auto-Drip Drive-Thru

Auto-Drip Drive-Thru in Kittery, Maine, may be known as a coffee shop, but it offers much more than expected. In addition to serving Green Mountain Coffee, they have chai, smoothies, frappes, and Red Bull-infused energy drinks. Auto-Drip is also a popular stop for a speedy lunch, providing a range of food beyond just coffee.

It offers a selection of breakfast sandwiches and daily sandwich and soup specials featuring items such as a pesto chicken sandwich on toasted sourdough, a hot meatloaf sandwich on a toasted sub with American cheese and honey mustard, and corn and haddock chowders. Auto-Drip's food specials and baked goods are always changing, making it worth a regular stop to see what's fresh. 

But perhaps what's most unique about this drive-thru business is that it also functions as a local grocery and convenience store. So if you need a half-gallon of milk or a bottle of wine to take away with your cup of coffee and sandwich, this is the place for you.


(207) 439 – 5554

165 State Road, Kittery, ME 03904


Moka has 18 drive-thru coffee locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It believes in helping its customers start their day right by crafting an excellent blend with the best beans and the highest quality milk. It provides its customers with a memorable cup of coffee using coffee beans roasted by a family-run roastery where seasoned oak wood logs are used to gently roast the beans to perfection. 

On Moka's menu are traditional espresso-based beverages, specialty mochas, drip coffee, its version of cold brew called cool brew, tea lattes, smoothies, and shakes. You can ensure even swifter service by placing your order ahead of time through its website where you can customize your drinks just the way you like and add on other items, such as fresh, locally made baked goods. Or, if you'd rather just brew your coffee at home, Moka's beans are available for sale.

Head to Moka's if you want a drive-thru coffee shop committed to quality coffee.