The Order Hack For Velvety Starbucks Hot Chocolate

In the United States, a regular cup of hot chocolate is actually substantially different from its counterparts around the world. In almost every other country, though each has its own variation, the consistency of hot chocolate tends to be thicker, richer, and heavier, meaning that it is not consumed as often or as quickly as it is in the U.S. What makes it different? Usually, countries around the world make their hot cocoa from melted chocolate, as opposed to the powdery mixes and syrups we use here. While the more watery version is what most of us are accustomed to, some cafes have tried their hand at upgrading hot chocolate, including Starbucks.

When you order a hot chocolate at Starbucks with no changes or substitutions, it is typically made with mocha sauce, steamed milk, and whipped cream on top. In order to spice up a regular Starbucks hot chocolate, TikTok Starbucks barista @itsjoboi suggests, perhaps most importantly, adding in java chips. The melted chips are what is going to really enrich the drink and thicken it up to a consistency closer to drinking chocolate. Next up, swap out the mocha sauce for vanilla syrup. Vanilla can help amplify the warmth and add a lovely contrast to the chocolate, making for a lusciously balanced drink instead of a chocolate overload. For a venti sized drink, @itsjoboi recommends asking for a venti hot chocolate with seven scoops of java chips, vanilla syrup, no mocha, and chocolate curls on top.

Other ways to elevate your Starbucks hot chocolate

If seven scoops of java chips seems like too much for you, you can always opt for half-java chips and half-mocha sauce, which would be about two scoops of chips and three pumps of sauce (or vice versa) in a venti. If you'd prefer to stay away from java chips altogether, try adding in other sauces and syrups. For example, asking for a hot chocolate with an added 1-3 pumps, depending on your sweetness preference, of vanilla, caramel, pumpkin, or peppermint, will enhance not only the flavor of the drink, but also the consistency.

The type of dairy you ask for matters, too. Naturally, whole or 2% milk is going to give you a more full-bodied consistency in comparison to skim or almond milk. Oat milk can add a great amount of thickness, but with its strong oaty flavor, be careful with this one. Finally, believe it or not, adding a shot of espresso to your hot chocolate is a sure-fire way to throw in some body and richness, which also helps tone down the sweetness of the drink.