Charcuterie Snow Globes Put A Holiday Spin On Your Grazing Table

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The holidays are all about incorporating a little bit of magic everywhere we can — and that means in our food, too. When hosting gatherings this time of year, it's the little details that breathe life into these festive get-togethers. Sure, some ideas can seem pretty intimidating if you're not a crafty person, but there's a magnitude of ways to impress guests without jumping through hoops to get there. Enter: charcuterie snow globes.

A charcuterie snow globe is exactly what it sounds like — a snow globe filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and spreads. The cool part is that you can buy domed food containers in bulk for an inexpensive price on Amazon or Etsy, so each guest at your festivity can grab one and enjoy. In the season of viruses and colds, this is a game-changer for preventing a lot of hands all over one large charcuterie board. What's more? They are great for gift-giving as well.

Preparing and assembling the snow globe

When working with domed containers, you have to take into account that you'll have less space to use than you would with a board. Typically, domed containers are only about two to three inches wide and three inches tall. You can choose the same foods as you would with a normal charcuterie board, but be sure that they can be cut quite small. Opting for fruits or vegetables that are finger-sized can help avoid having to do too much cutting. Perfect options would be grapes, cherry tomatoes, nuts, mini crackers, cheese cubes or Babybel cheese, and rolled mini salami slices. For garnishing, fresh herbs such as basil and rosemary are great, or even a piece of chocolate could work.

After cutting up your food, it's time to assemble. To really up the holiday feel, start by adding edible glitter or powdered sugar on the inside of the domed lid. Next, add your foods to the base, starting from the largest piece and slowly filling in and stacking up the space around it with smaller food. Finish off with garnish and snap the lid on. You can stop here, or if you'd like, decorate the globe by wrapping a piece of twine or ribbon around the base and attaching sprigs of holly, cranberries, rosemary, etc.