Make Christmas Breakfast Festive And Fuss-Free With Gingerbread Granola

When we think of Christmas treats, we typically think of goodies like peppermint bark, spritz cookies, and eggnog, but festive foods don't always have to be quite so rich. If you want to get into the spirit of the holiday season, all it takes is upgrading a pantry staple to give it a boost of Christmas flavor. So, if you want to transform your granola towards the end of the year, just give it a gingerbread twist.

A big batch of gingerbread granola can add crunch and sweetness to a variety of Christmas breakfasts. Toss it in a yogurt or oatmeal bowl, use it in a parfait, or deploy it as a smoothie, waffle, or pancake topper along with a dollop of speculoos. You can also incorporate it in some truly tasty Christmas morning treats by using it to garnish cranberry orange muffins or an apple cranberry crisp, or by whipping up some eggnog French toast and sprinkling a little gingerbread granola on top for crunch. With a whole container of the snack at your disposal, you can make creative Christmas breakfasts all season long.

How to customize your gingerbread granola

Unlike some of the richer Christmas desserts, gingerbread granola is incredibly easy to make. Your oven does most of the work for you, and all you really have to do is warm the ingredients on the stove and dump them on a baking sheet. What makes this granola better than the regular version is the focus on spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, liquids like maple syrup and molasses, and the fruit of the season: cranberries. Combined with the aroma of nuts roasting in your oven, even the process of making this snack will fill your house with delicious holiday smells.

If you'd like to customize your gingerbread granola even further, you have a few options. Gingerbread today typically refers to a dessert made with ginger and molasses, so you'll want to have those basic elements in place to nail down the classic flavor, although you can add in any other festive ingredients you like. Swap or add nutmeg into your array of spices, or include a teaspoon of salt to amplify the sweet and salty juxtaposition. Pour in diced candied ginger to enhance the ginger flavor even more, and for extra sweetness and texture, use chopped dried apricots or golden raisins. Although molasses is the classic sweetener here, you can sub it out for honey or maple syrup if you like the flavor better — but as long as the ginger is in there, you're on your way to a festive Christmas breakfast.