Taco Bell Debuts Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries For The Ultimate Comfort Food Mashup

Cheese fans rejoice: Taco Bell's popular Nacho Cheese Fries are back, this time with a new variation — and a new way for nacho lovers to enjoy their cheese-topped fries on a budget. First debuted in 2018, the chain's Nacho Cheese Fries have been an on-again-off-again item ever since — to the frustration of their cult following. Several iterations have appeared over the years, like the 7-Layer Nacho Fries which featured on the menu in 2022. The chain brought its regular Nacho Fries back again on September 28th, and is releasing a new variation on November 16th: Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries. In 2022, Taco Bell tested the Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries in Sacramento, California, for a limited time. Apparently, they were a hit, so now the fries will be available nationwide, for $4.99, while supplies last.

If you just can't get enough of those Nacho Fries, Taco Bell is also offering Rewards Members access to the Nacho Fries Lover's Pass starting November 14th. Based on the popular Taco Lover's Pass, which was briefly available as a promotion for National Taco Day, the $10 pass gives Rewards Members one regular serving of Nacho Fries per day for 30 consecutive days. The pass will only be available through December 4th on the Taco Bell app.

What's in Taco Bell's Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries?

While the chain has been testing vegan options, vegans and vegetarians might want to sit this one out. The new fries, which are inspired by the Grilled Cheese Burrito, aren't just topped with cheese: They also feature grilled, marinated steak, chipotle sauce, and a whole bunch of cheese. For this iteration, Taco Bell didn't stop at their signature Nacho Cheese sauce. The new dish also features a bubbly blend of mozzarella, Monterey pepper jack, and cheddar. For the finishing touch, the cheesy fries are grilled before being served.

Taco Bell's tasty cheesy fries are notorious for disappearing off the menu, but fans have reason to hope that this time, they'll stick. While Grilled Cheese Nacho Fries are a limited-time addition, Taco Bell CEO Mark King told investors that the chain was considering keeping fries as a permanent offering, according to People. "People that go to lunch want to have french fries ... We're looking at and testing bringing fries permanently onto the menu," King said. Keep your fingers crossed — but in the meantime, consider getting your fix by snatching up that Nacho Fries Lover's Pass while it's still available.