What Happens When You Mix Coffee And Matcha

Caffeinated beverages are an important part of most of our mornings (or afternoons), not to mention the coffee shop and tea house culture that fuels conversations, study sessions, and remote work. While coffee has been the go-to caffeine staple in the U.S., matcha is an energizing, caffeinated ground green tea leaf that now rivals coffee's popularity. Many coffee shops offer matcha lattes, substituting bitter espresso for this earthy green powder. But what if you could have them both in one drink? What happens when you mix coffee and matcha? In short, a cup of well-balanced bliss! 

Mixing matcha and coffee gives you the best of both worlds, from a well-rounded flavor to a balanced buzz. Matcha has an earthy and grassy taste with a bitter finish, while coffee has a bitter yet super-rich profile with countless flavor notes that range from chocolate and vanilla to toasted nuts and fruit. Matcha's herbal notes complement coffee's bitterness and enhance its fruity, nutty, or sweet undertones. Matcha powder creates a wonderful frothiness similar to espresso, which further enhances the richness and depth of a blended coffee and matcha drink. While both coffee and matcha contain caffeine, matcha contains a unique amino acid that counters the jittery effects of caffeine. Matcha thus has the uncanny ability to calm and energize you simultaneously. A mix of matcha and coffee will give you an extra boost of caffeine while minimizing the negative side effects.

How to combine coffee and matcha

Not only are coffee and matcha a match made in heaven, but they also come together easily in several different drinks. You can combine matcha with espresso or regular drip coffee, and you can enjoy a coffee matcha drink hot or cold. Since both coffee and matcha have bitter notes, adding milk or cream to a blended drink will neutralize that flavor while adding a luxurious mouthfeel. A sweet additive like sugar, honey, or simple syrup will also temper bitterness and enhance the underlying savory and smoky notes. Since matcha is a powdered tea, it easily dissolves into hot liquid. The easiest way to incorporate it into coffee is by stirring a spoonful of matcha powder into a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a dash of sugar.

However, you can make more elaborate espresso matcha drinks like a latte or cappuccino by pouring a shot or two of espresso over a mound of matcha powder and sugar, stirring to dissolve, and topping the mixture with frothy milk. For an iced matcha coffee, dissolve the matcha powder in a few tablespoons of hot water before adding ice and a splash of cream, topping it off with a pour of iced coffee. If you don't stir the drink, it'll create a beautiful layered presentation.