Martha Stewart Loves To Load Up Holiday Eggnog With Booze

Eggnog is easily one of the most popular holiday drinks — and it's no wonder this rich and creamy concoction has become so beloved over the years. But while eggnog is great as is, sometimes the adults want something stronger — and those adults include Martha Stewart. She first shared her recipe for beautifully boozy homemade eggnog in her cookbook "Entertaining," and it has become renowned ever since. It packs quite the alcoholic punch, to say the least. 

In fact, Stewart prefers her eggnog with not one, not two, but three different types of alcohol: Bourbon, dark rum, and cognac. Specifically, her recipe calls for three cups of bourbon, a half cup of dark rum, and two cups of cognac. With that list of big-hitting alcohol, this adults-only eggnog is one strong drink — far from the alcohol-free version that you may have drunk as a kid. Stewart described the eggnog in Today, by quipping, "Good thing it serves a crowd." That's a crowd of 26, to be exact. Of course, there are also some sweet ingredients in there — sugar and vanilla, along with the eggs and milk — to balance out the strength of the booze.

However, if it seems like too much alcohol for your preferences, there are ways to adjust the amount of booze without forgoing it altogether.

How to adjust your own boozy holiday eggnog

In her recipe, Martha Stewart notes that you should tread with caution when it comes to the alcohol level. If you do want to cut down on the booze, Stewart suggests halving or quartering each type of alcohol for a milder version of the drink.

Additionally, you can always cut out one or two of the types of alcohol to adjust your homemade eggnog. Maybe you're not a cognac fan and want to skip that altogether, or maybe you want to stick to a budget and only buy one type of alcohol. If you're going to stick to just one and prefer rum, here at Tasting Table, we have a list of the 10 best rums to add to eggnog. And if you feel like having booze-free eggnog festivities, you can make an easy eggnog milkshake, although, of course, you can add alcohol to this one, too — just keep it away from the kids.

Finally, if you don't want to worry about making your own boozy eggnog, you can always head over to Trader Joe's and buy their pre-made Egg Nog Liqueur, which is already infused with spiced rum and brandy (likely not as much as Stewart's recipe) and is ready to be enjoyed over the holiday season.