11 Tequila Gift Sets That'll Bring The Holiday Spirit

Although we firmly believe that sipping tequila is a great idea at any time of the year, the holidays are particularly great for gifting this Mexican spirit. Not only is it a versatile, fascinating liquid — there are several unique types of tequila worth learning more about —  but there's something festive about the spirit, particularly if it comes in a present-ready format. That's why we have selected a variety of gift sets for you to surprise your favorite tequila-sipping loved ones this holiday season.

Since some state laws do not allow the shipment of alcoholic beverages, so a few of these sets might not be available where you live. But fear not — we've also chosen many cool gift sets that do not include alcohol, so you'll have plenty of options available to you. Whether you're looking for a gift for a die-hard tequila fan, an amateur mixologist, or a newcomer to the tequila world, we've got you covered.

How we selected products

Surfing the web on the hunt for tequila-inspired gift sets is a fun yet challenging task. To create this list, we wanted to make sure we were covering a wide range of styles and prices. From premium tequila sets (like the stunning Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila Gift Set) to whimsical, affordable options (like the Margarita on the Go Kit) as well as original, creative kits (such as the Williams Sonoma Tequila Lovers Cocktail Kit). No matter what you're seeking or who you're shopping for, odds are we've accounted for the tequila lover in your life.

We chose trustworthy and reputable vendors that will deliver your gifts on time, and we checked out customer reviews to find the products purchased by the happiest tequila fans out there. Most of all, every item we chose is something we'd very much like to receive ourselves this holiday season. Cheers!

Best overall: Tequila Lovers Sampler Set

A fun journey across the tequila landscape, this set features five 50-milliliter bottles that will delight any tequila fan, whether they're longtime agave fans or just starting to explore this spirit. Find a bottle of sweet, smooth Casamigos Blanco; a fresh, peppery 512 Blanco; an oaky Cincoro Extra Añejo; a sweet Herradura Double Barrel Reposado; and a rich Don Julio 1942. To secure these treasures, the set is presented in a black gift vault with a lock and key, ensuring nobody breaks into these bottles without permission.

Purchase the Tequila Lovers Tequila Sampler Gift Set from Spirited Gifts for $79.

Best for party hosts: Patrón Silver Tequila Gift Basket

Get the party started with this gift basket, featuring a delicious array of treats — think pretzels, chocolates, pralines, and more. Add a bottle of tequila and you've got yourself a party. The star of this kit is a 750-milliliter bottle of Patrón Silver — and with notes of fruits and citrus on the nose and a smooth, sweet taste, Patrón Silver is as delicious on the rocks as it is in cocktails. To upgrade your gift, you can engrave the bottle or add extra goodies like cigars or glassware.

Purchase the Patrón Silver Tequila Gift Basket from Spirited Gifts for $139.

Best for travelers: Margarita on the Go Kit

Your jet-setting friends will love this adorable kit. It features a 1-ounce bottle of margarita mixer, a jigger, a bar spoon, and a recipe card all conveniently packed in a turquoise tin that will fit perfectly into their carry-on. And yes, the kit is FAA compliant so it's ready to fly at any time. All they need to do is order some tequila on their flight — or perhaps buy a miniature bottle at the airport — and they'll be able to mix their own classic margarita while up in the air.

Purchase the Margarita on the Go Kit from Thoughtfully for $11.99.

Best for design lovers: Loco Tequila Gift Box

Born from the agave fields of El Arenal, Jalisco, Loco Blanco is a premium tequila that boasts herbal sweet aromas and is silky smooth on the palate. The liquid itself is a beauty, but the bottle is a work of art. Designed by Dutch-born artist Jan Hendrix, whose love for Mexico's stunning landscapes and generous people inspired him to move to the country in the seventies, the sleek bottle represents the brand's modern, elegant personality. The box, featuring modern, vegetal-inspired strokes, is printed in serigraph style.

Purchase the Loco Blanco Gift Box from Loco Tequila for $135.00.

Best for improving your shot game: Atterstone Wood Tequila Box Set

If you're going to do shots, you better do them right. This gorgeous kit boasts a wooden box with a golden Calavera-inspired design, holding four shot glasses, a mini cutting board (also with a Calavera design), a garnish knife for slicing limes or oranges, and a salt tin. This combo is perfect for that friend or family member who is always looking to elevate their home bar. And if you want to upgrade this gift, you can always head to the liquor store to buy their favorite bottle of tequila.

Purchase the Atterstone Wood Tequila Box Set from Marketfleet for $64.99.

Best for paloma fans: The Paloma Cocktail Kit Gift Set

When it comes to tequila-based cocktails, you can't go wrong with a classic Paloma, which makes this kit the perfect gift for lovers of this classic concoction. The set features a 750 ml bottle of Lalo Blanco Tequila. Founded by true tequila royalty — the heirs of Don Julio González, founder of Don Julio —, Lalo is a bright, crisp tequila made with 100% blue agave. To prepare the ideal Paloma, it also includes a bottle of Mexican Squirt, a bottle of Cheeky lime juice, and a stainless steel jigger and cocktail shaker.

Purchase the Paloma Cocktail Gift Set on the Field & Flask website for $125.00.

Best for premium tequila sippers: Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila Gift Set

Got a friend with a taste for the finer things in life? This stunning set is sure to impress. Conceived as a sipping tequila, Casa Dragones is smooth and elegant, perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks. This newly-released gift set allows you to explore three of its expressions: Casa Dragones Blanco, Casa Dragones Añejo, and Casa Dragones Reposado Mizunara, a lightly sweet liquid aged in Japanese Mizunara oak casks. The three 375-milliliter bottles are presented in a lovely box featuring the brand's signature blue hue.

Purchase the Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila Gift Set on the Casa Dragones website for $199.99.

Best for discovering a new brand: You are the Best Tequila Set

New year, new tequila. The star of this set is a bottle of La Gritona Reposado, an artisanal tequila produced by Melly Barajas Cárdenas, who leads an all-female team of tequila producers in the Jalisco highlands. The lovely kit presents the perfect opportunity to discover this liquid's fresh profile. Aged for eight months, this tequila boasts fruity notes and a long finish. The kit also features a selection of garnishes a jar of artisanal sal de gusano, Mexican hot chocolate, and a Japanese linen bar cloth.

Purchase the You Are the Best Tequila Gift Set from Field & Flask for $140.00.

Best for tequila nerds: Tequila Lover Cocktail Kit

Science meets mixology with this fun kit from Williams Sonoma. The ideal gift for a creative tequila drinker who wants to experiment beyond classic cocktail-making, this set includes a glass infusion bottle with a stainless-steel filter, a stainless-steel tasting straw, cocktail recipes, and six packages of flavor blends, including Lime Blend (lime with botanicals and edible grass) and Smoky Blend (black teas and bergamot). Each package infuses half a bottle of tequila, allowing the recipient to get creative and mix up some truly unique and personalized beverages.

Purchase the Tequila Lover Cocktail Kit from Williams Sonoma for $74.95.

Best for tequila newcomers: Compoveda Extra Añejo Tasting Kit

Is there a better gift than to introduce someone to the wonderful world of tequila? This kit might just be the best way to do it. The set includes two branded glasses and a 100 ml bottle of Compoveda Extra Añejo, an extra-aged tequila that hails from El Arenal, Jalisco. Produced by master distiller Alberto Partida, this tequila rests for more than five years in California red wine barrels and is then finished in French oak barrels. The result is a sweet spirit with notes of cooked agave, oak, maple, and vanilla.

Purchase the Compoveda Extra Añejo Tasting Kit from Sip Tequila for $59.

Best for at-home mixologists: Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set

Talk about a match made in heaven. Williams Sonoma teamed up with Casamigos to create this exclusive gift set, ideal for mixology fans and, of course, tequila lovers. The set includes two cocktail mixers that you can easily blend with tequila: the Casamigos Blackberry Basil Smash Cocktail Mixer (made with blackberries, lemon, and basil) and the Signature Margarita Cocktail Mixer (with key lime juice and organic agave). The kit also features a Salty Sweet Orange Cocktail Rimmer (made with cane sugar, Oregon sea salt, and orange peel) and a Pink Himalayan Salt Rimmer, perfect for a classic margarita.

Purchase the Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set from Williams Sonoma for $56.95.