Cook Cinnamon Rolls In Your Air Fryer For An Unexpected Crunch

Store-bought canned cinnamon rolls are a convenient way for you to quickly and easily get your hands on warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls without having to do all of the work. But if you're looking to upgrade those store-bought cinnamon rolls with an unexpected crunch, look no further than your air fryer.

To bake the canned cinnamon rolls, set the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for eight to 10 minutes — that's the other perk of the air fryer: It takes almost no time. If you want the cinnamon rolls extra crispy, you can add one or two extra minutes. However, all air fryers work a bit differently, so make sure to check on them around the five-minute mark to see how they're doing and how crispy they are. After the time is up, you'll have cinnamon rolls with a crispy, crunchy exterior but a soft and gooey middle — all topped with that sweet icing, of course.

Other ways to upgrade canned cinnamon rolls

While you're improving canned cinnamon rolls by using the air fryer, you might as well keep in mind other ways to upgrade the store-bought version of the dessert. For example, you can add extra cinnamon and sugar to the filling by gently unrolling the cinnamon roll and inserting your desired amount of cinnamon and sugar. You can also use the opportunity to add in any other spices you wish, such as nutmeg or even a homemade pumpkin pie spice to make a seasonal version of the sweet treat.

Speaking of homemade, you could make your own icing; this is easy to whip up in the short amount of time that the cinnamon rolls are baking in the air fryer. Or, you could forgo the icing altogether and opt for a homemade jam, such as strawberry or vanilla blackberry, to top the cinnamon rolls. You could even try out a flavored frosting — maybe a coffee-infused frosting or a red velvet cinnamon version.