The 10 Best Truffle Gift Sets For The Foodie In Your Life

It's the holiday season, which means it's time for you to get a head-start on getting gifts for everyone on your nice list this year. And the best way to share joy this holiday season is to buy someone a truffle gift set. These sets, which are widely available for online retailers, make it easy for you to buy, ship, wrap, and stick them under the tree or in a stocking. They're also a bit more sophisticated and less overplayed than a coffee gift set — or just a boring blanket-and-mug combo. 

We're not talking about the chocolate truffles you can buy in the candy section at the grocery store, either. Truffles are different than mushrooms because they grow below ground and are often used as a garnish rather than being cooked into a dish like other fungi. Companies have extracted the truffle essence to add to salts, oils, and spreads, which makes these products more shelf-stable and useful than the fresh variety. Here are some of our favorite truffle-packed gift sets for the folks in your life. 

How we selected products

We put a lot of thought into deciding what truffle gift sets to include on our list this year. We examined the truffle sets that had reputable reviews from verified customers, as well as how well the price of the product reflected the components of it. Truffles are so expensive because they are difficult to find, and they only stay fresh for about five days after harvesting. Therefore, if we can find a good deal on these products without sacrificing quality, you best bet we'll take it. 

We also examined the giftability of these products. While you can buy a jar of truffle salt here and a bottle of oil there, we chose products that were all-encompassing and could be given as a complete set. Our goal was to also include products in our roundup that were tailored towards a range of cooking experiences, from folks looking just to improve their scrambled eggs to those looking for a truffle-forward charcuterie board. 

Best gift set under $30: TruffleHunter English, Black, and White Truffle Oil Set

Let's be real: If you can save a couple of bucks on your gifts this season, why wouldn't you? This TruffleHunter gift set is the perfect present for folks on a budget. Each set includes a 3.38-ounce bottle of black, English, and white truffle oil

Despite its price, this brand doesn't sacrifice the quality of its products. Plus, it's great to have a selection of cute, small bottles to select from when you're cooking.

Purchase the TruffleHunter English, Black, and White Truffle Oil Set on Amazon for $29.95.

Best splurge: The Truffleist Deluxe Wooden Box Set

This Deluxe Wooden Box Set from The Truffleist is perfect for those who are interested in experimenting with all things truffle. Each box includes infused honey, mustard, salt, and butter, as well as a travel-sized bottle of truffle oil. 

You can add these products to a charcuterie board or keep them for general cooking use in your kitchen. Plus, the wooden box that this set comes in is ornate and attractive, and it beats out some of its lower-quality competitors. 

Purchase The Truffleist Deluxe Wooden Box Set on The Truffleist for $110.

Best preserved truffle collection: TruffleHunter Preserved Truffle Collection

Sometimes, buying infused oils and truffle products doesn't quite cut it. If your loved ones have preserved truffle pieces on their gift list this year, you're going to want to check out TruffleHunter's three-jar selection. It includes minced black truffle, black truffle slices, and black truffle sauce made with black olives and mushrooms.

 Unlike other gift sets, these products are designed to be used to garnish foods with a distinct truffle flair. Each bite reveals an organic flavor bound to upgrade risotto, steak, or scrambled eggs. 

Purchase TruffleHunter Preserved Truffle Collection on TruffleHunter for $57.95.

Best salt collection: Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Salt Trio

Not everyone has a use for truffle oil in the kitchen, but all of our savory goods can use a bit of salt. This gift collection from Sabatino Tartufi includes three salts: original truffle, truffle and rosemary, and truffle smoked sea salt. 

These extras allow the user to easily add a sprinkle of truffle flavor to their popcorn, eggs, grains, or fries. Plus, it's packaged in a beautiful, neat box that your loved ones will swoon over this holiday season.

Purchase the Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Salt Trio on Sabatino Tartufi for $45.

Best affordable set for charcuterie lovers: Angel's Salumi Ultimate Truffle Gift Basket

There's no way to say "I love you" like a charcuterie board. This gift basket from Angel Salumi has all the things you need to have for a grazing board sans board, including both black and white truffle salami, butter, and oil, as well as black truffle salt and truffle powder for seasoning. 

The entire assortment comes in a beautiful wooden Angel's Salumi wooden box. Value-wise, this gift box is one of the most competitive on the market.

Purchase Angel's Salumi Ultimate Truffle Gift Basket on Angel Salumi for $126.

Best set for popcorn lovers: Regalis Truffle Popcorn Gift Set

Pop, pop, and away with this gift set from Regalis. Each set comes with four heirloom varieties of non-GMO Amish popcorn grown in Indiana and an 8-ounce bottle of white truffle oil for flavoring. It's the perfect gift set for anyone looking to upgrade their snacking experience and infuse herbaceous white truffle flavor into their popcorn routine. 

Each box comes packed in a cardboard container with a clear label for each popcorn variety. Although it may be a splurge for some, it's an all-encompassing gift for the snackers among us. 

Purchase Regalis Truffle Popcorn Gift Set on Williams Sonoma for $69.95.

Best black truffle gift set: Chelsea Market Baskets Black Truffle Tower Gift

Some folks prefer the black truffle's mild aroma and flavor compared to the overpowering white truffle. If the folks on your gift list are in this camp, you will want to get them a gift set inspired by the dark side. This towering three-layer set from Chelsea Market Baskets includes a freshly-baked Babbka bread interspersed with swirls of black truffle and creamy burrata cheese. There are also jars of truffle salt, honey, mustard, and Belazu Truffle Artichoke Dip, as well as black truffle potato chips and snack mixes. 

Our favorite part of this whole box, though, are the five dark chocolate truffle truffles for a sweet, yet savory, end to your meal. This box has everything you'll need for a black truffle enthusiast.

Purchase the Chelsea Market Baskets Black Truffle Tower Gift on Chelsea Market Baskets for $139.

Best for truffle novices: Borgo de' Medici Essential Truffle Pantry Set

Every truffle enthusiast needs to start somewhere. The Borgo de' Medici set includes four Italian-made truffle products: black truffle Italian salt, gourmet black truffle glaze, black truffle sauce, and extra-virgin olive oil flavored with black truffles. 

This kit has all of the pantry staples your loved ones need to eat more truffles and dress up their favorite at-home meals into something a little more gourmet. The size of these containers is also perfect for gifting to folks who want to sample truffle products but not commit to a massive container. 

Purchase Borgo de' Medici Essential Italian Truffle Pantry Set on Williams Sonoma for $49.95.

Best comprehensive charcuterie set: Truffle Lovers Charcuterie Gift Crate

Sometimes, the people we love are worth splurging for. This gift crate from Williams Sonoma is unlike many other truffle charcuterie sets on the market because it comes with truffle-infused Italian cheeses, truffle salami, and foraged black truffles from Italy and France in each wood-crafted box. 

The box will also include staples like black truffle salt and honey for spreading on your charcuterie board. This gift set is modern and perfect for truffle lovers who double as entertainers.

Purchase Truffle Lovers Charcuterie Gift Crate on Williams Sonoma for $229.95.

Best for experiential cooks: Truffle Shuffle Black Truffle Risotto Box

Truffle Shuffle products are perfect for the people on your list who have an interest in using truffles but no prior guidance on recipes. Each box from Truffle Shuffle gets you the dry ingredients you'll need to make recipes like Black Truffle risotto and access to an on-demand cooking class with a trained chef to help you prepare the meal. This box would be a great stocking stuffer and opens up access to the world of the Truffle Shuffle cooking community. 

Purchase Truffle Shuffle Black Truffle Rissoto Set for $65.