The American Dish Gordon Ramsay Thinks Should Be More Popular In The UK

Ever wonder what American dish Gordon Ramsay likes so much he wishes people in the United Kingdom would embrace? Well, wonder no more. The professional chef revealed to Stephen Colbert during an episode of "The Late Show" that in addition to pancakes, he wishes people in the UK would embrace grits with a little more vim and vigor. However, when Colbert shared he likes to serve his classic shrimp and grits with bacon sticking straight up and out of it, Ramsay was not impressed, joking it looked similar to something someone puked in. 

Instead, the "Hell's Kitchen" chef explained to the late-night talk show host that he would make this dish truly "sexy" by adding a little bit of shredded parmesan cheese and whipped butter to enhance and bring out the rich flavors of this Southern-inspired meal. Grits with cheese is always yummy so why don't people in the UK eat this food?

Brits should eat more grits

If you scour internet discussion boards on this subject, you will discover that many say grits are either unknown to most people across the pond and they aren't loving their Olive Twist porridge-looking appearance. A fair criticism, but this is 2023, and this food is versatile and delicious. We're on team Ramsay: The UK should eat more of this grain.

If you tend to side with the Brits and have never eaten them, grits are made from corn maize, which is native to the United States and not something people in the UK grew up chowing down on or necessarily cooking with. But grits come in many varieties that range from hominy grits, which are made from hominy, to heirloom grits, which can be blue or even red depending on what variety of corn they are made from. You can also use them to make a wide range of dishes. They can be transformed into an amazing and filling hot cereal that tastes creamy and sweet with a pat of butter and a little honey, they can be fried into a little Johnny cake or waffle, or they can be transformed into a cheese and grits souffle.

So, while Colbert's dish may not serve as the best ambassador for grits, Ramsay is right: Brits should eat more grits.