The Simple Tip To Make Cutting Homemade Pizza Easier

If there's one challenge that home pizza makers face, it's slicing the pie without creating a messy disaster. While you might think letting it sit and cool before cutting is the way to go, we're here to reveal a secret that will revolutionize your slicing game — cut into it as soon as it comes out of the oven. Though you might be hoping to avoid a cheese landslide and a sticky, messy ordeal, it's actually for the better to slice hot pizza.

When your tomato pie is fresh out of the oven, the crust is at its softest and most pliable. This is the golden moment to make those perfect cuts. Waiting for it to cool can cause the dough to become harder and more resistant to the blade's edge. But slicing a piping-hot pizza allows the blade to glide effortlessly through the cheese, toppings, and crust. You'll achieve clean, and precise slices without sawing or tearing through the toppings. By doing it the correct way, you also avoid the cheese congealing and sticking to the cutter, which means less mess and more delectable slices on your plate.

Use this tool and technique for perfect slices

To achieve the ideal slices right out of the oven, have a sharp, clean pizza cutter ready. Allow the pie to sit for just a minute after taking it out of the oven. This brief resting period helps the cheese set slightly without making the crust stiff. Begin your first cut from the center of the pizza, then work your way outwards. This helps maintain the integrity of the toppings.

Apply gentle but even pressure as you cut and use a swift, continuous motion. This ensures clean, even slices while still cutting the crust all the way through. No need to worry about tearing the pieces apart when you serve them. Of course, don't hesitate to plate up the hot pizza so everyone can enjoy it right away.

This simple yet effective technique preserves the softness of the crust, results in cleaner cuts, and ensures each slice is served piping hot. So, the next time you make a delicious homemade tomato pie, don't wait for it to cool. Grab your pizza cutter, and slice away to perfection.