Take Your Homemade Sangria One Step Further And Turn It Into Sorbet

If you've already perfected the ultimate homemade sangria, then you may be looking for a way to take the refreshing alcoholic drink a step further. Well, we have the perfect plan for you: making your own sangria sorbet. For those of you who are intrigued, sangria sorbet is exactly as it sounds — sangria that has been frozen until it has the consistency of sorbet. 

Making the sorbet is actually quite simple. If you've already made sangria at home, then you've done the hard part. To turn it into sorbet, blend up the sangria ingredients, then pour the mixture into a bread loaf pan or other container. Then, just pop it into the freezer for at least six hours or until it reaches the consistency of sorbet. Soon, you'll have a light — yet boozy — sorbet full of wine and fruit flavors. It's perfect for enjoying in the afternoon on a hot, summer day or even serving it as an impressive dessert at a dinner party.

What type of sangria to use for the sorbet

You can make sangria sorbet with white or red sangria. White sangria is usually associated with summertime, as it's considered to be more refreshing, while red sangria is usually saved for the colder months. However, both are equally delightful in sorbet form, so choose your favorite — or your guests' favorite. The important thing is that you have some fresh fruit incorporated into the mix to make sure that the outcome is a proper sorbet. 

We love making peach rosé sangria sorbet. All you have to do is blend up the ingredients — peaches, yellow plums, cherries, rosé, and peach brandy. Or perhaps you'd like to turn your favorite summery watermelon sangria into a sorbet infused with peaches, blackberries, watermelon, vodka, and white wine (we recommend sauvignon blanc). If you want to try out a red sangria, infuse a dry red wine — such as a merlot, syrah, or cabernet sauvignon — with apples and oranges. If you want even more of a fruit flavor, then add in some peaches, pineapple, or cherries.