Where Chef Eric Ripert Goes For The Best Canned Sardines In NYC

In the world of gourmet food trends, specialty or boutique food items tend only to get a brief time in the sun. But no so with fancy canned fish, which has had real staying power these past many months. Commanding as much prestige as a can of caviar, conservas are the new elite snack for the fine-dining foodie. In fact, it's even gaining top billing at some of the nicest restaurants in New York City, America's Mecca for gourmet goods. So where should you be looking for the top sardines in the Big Apple? Well, we turned to renowned restauranteur and chef Eric Ripert for a recommendation. 

In his Manhattan stomping grounds, Ripert has one place in particular that he heads to if he's craving a proper can of the good stuff. Il Buco, the celebrated Italian restaurant in NoHo, is his sardine purveyor of choice, producing canned filets packed in oil that are perfectly decadent without going greasy. Speaking to The Infatuation, Ripert noted, "They're naturally fatty, very rich and delicious." So what's so special about these specific sardines Il Buco is serving up? 

Head to Il Buco for fine canned seafood

According to their website, Il Buco uses imported tinned fish from Iberia and Italy and serves them with house-made buckwheat rye and butter. These high-quality conservas sport a high price tag, with a tin going as much as $36 per serving. In addition to the sardines, Ripert also called out three other conservas that are worth ordering at Il Buco if they happen to be on the menu. The second was the canned mackerel, a fish beloved for its rich flavor, and the other two were the clams and mussels served in acidic escabeche. 

Can't make it to New York to savor the fine sardines? No worries — you can order a number of the famed conservas from Il Buco's website, including brands like La Brujula, Conservas güeyu mar, Scalia, and Yurrita. The Yurrita brand in particular serves up pickled mussels and clams and beautiful plain sardines packed in oil. Prices are still high (about $12 per tin) but at a bargain price compared to the restaurant menu. Either way, if you want to eat the latest gourmet delicacy like a top chef, you need to head to Il Buco for the finest tinned fish.