The Garnishing Tip For Simple Yet Beautiful Plate Presentations

Pro chefs use artful garnishing to present their food to its best advantage. A beautiful plate presentation creates excitement about the whole dining experience before a single bite is taken. After all, "we eat first with our eyes," as the old saying goes. But you don't need culinary training (or even a background in art) to create your own simple yet beautiful plate presentations at home. It's all about using garnishes thoughtfully and with intentional placement.

You may not think about presentation much when you're putting dinner on the table midweek. But when you're entertaining at home, a few well-placed garnishes that complement your food will make your guests feel special and cared for. In the same way that a chef's presentation in a fine restaurant heightens our senses and makes us aware of the care that went into the preparation of the meal we're enjoying, your friends and family will appreciate your efforts in creating a plate presentation designed for their pleasure. 

Less is more

Considering how color or texture will add to the overall visual appeal and what flavors will complement the food. Gone are the days when a sprig of parsley was randomly added to every dinner plate for decoration without thought of the purpose it served. The modern garnish enhances not only the appearance of the plate but brings out the flavors of the food. It shouldn't be an afterthought, but a carefully considered component of the entire meal. If in doubt as to whether the garnish belongs on the plate, ask yourself whether you'd want to consume that garnish in the same bite as the meal it accompanies.

Simplicity is modern. Don't overdo it in the effort to make a splash. And if you think your dinner plate is already full, go easy; a drizzle of sauce or flavor-infused oil may be all you need. Never clutter up the plate just for the sake of a garnish.

Size is important. Choose a garnish proportionate to the food it enhances. A large platter calls for an extravagant garnish, while a small plate benefits from a delicate enhancement.