Skip The Toasting Step When Making Your Breakfast Sandwich On A Baguette

If you love a good breakfast sandwich, then it's probably a good idea to have some ideas in mind of how to switch it up now and then — after all, you don't want to get tired of the same tried and true recipe, delicious as it is. One easy way to switch up a similar recipe is to swap out the bread, and might we suggest a baguette? Let's be honest, what's better than a fresh baguette?

While it may seem like the logical step to toast your baguette pieces just as you would any other bread, this is actually a step you want to skip. This is because baguettes are already pretty crunchy on their own, so if you toast it, it's likely going to become too hard to be enjoyable. The breakfast sandwich will be much better if you can actually bite into it easily — even if the bread is the only part that isn't warm.

If you want all aspects of your sandwich to be hot, then you can heat up your baguette pieces in the microwave by wrapping them in a damp paper towel and heating them up in 10- to 15-second intervals. It's important to stick to these short intervals because, just like if you toast it, the bread will harden easily.

What to put in your baguette breakfast sandwich

Now that we have established not to toast the baguette, we get to focus on the fun part: what to put in it to create a delicious breakfast sandwich. We love a classic, layered breakfast sandwich — complete with cheese and bacon. Simply replace the usual English muffin or bagel with your baguette.

You could also make the baguette feel a bit fancier by switching from bacon to prosciutto and upgrading the cheese from sliced cheddar to Gruyère or Gouda. To make the sandwich even more filling, add some avocado slices. Or, if you're looking to add some greens, you could reach for arugula, mixed greens, or even sprouts. Another route is to keep it nice and simple — a basic ham or turkey on cheese will taste delicious in between two slices of the rustic, hearty baguette. Whichever flavors you choose, your baguette breakfast sandwich is sure to bring your morning meal to the next level.