You Can Roast Coffee Beans At Home With Your Air Fryer

It's Sunday morning, and you've set your heart out to roast a new bag of green coffee beans. Usually, by default, you would use the oven, wok, or frying pan for roasting the unroasted coffee beans. For whatever reason, the green coffee bean bag is sitting right next to your air fryer, and a sudden moment of curiosity and epiphany sparks a thought. 

At its core, an air fryer is essentially a convenient and compact convection oven that circulates hot air with precision, and you've roasted your beans in the oven before. Since your air fryer is so versatile, could you then use it to roast the coffee beans instead of your oven? You've only used to make air-fried popcorn chicken, roasted salmon, and crispy wings. (Wait, and there was that one ube basque cheesecake that one time.)

Delightfully for you, the answer is an astounding yes: You can roast coffee beans at home with your air fryer. Few realize the convenient air fryer's hidden prowess in morphing green coffee beans into aromatic roasted masterpieces. And now you're in all this secret. Soon, you'll have perfectly roasted coffee beans personalized to your tastes. However, roasting coffee beans in the air fryer may not be for everyone, and there are many tips and tricks to the process.

How long you air fry coffee beans depends on how you like your roast

First, preheat your air fryer to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Since air fryers are more compact than standard ovens, they typically preheat faster. Once your air fryer reaches the desired temperature, place the beans into its basket, ensuring they spread out in a single layer. This arrangement ensures each bean has sufficient ventilation, so avoid overcrowding or layering them.

While some suggest tossing the beans periodically during roasting, we believe this step may be optional. The air circulating within the fryer generally provides an even heat coverage as long as the beans are laid out in a single layer. Set your air fryer's timer to approximately 40 minutes, but remain attentive to the beans' progress.

Your preferred roast level will dictate the beans' total roasting time. When hearing the first audible crack, light roast aficionados should remove the beans from the air fryer. If a dark roast is more your style, let the beans roast for about 12 minutes after the initial crack. Once a second crack resounds and the beans take on a glossy, dark hue, your dark roast is complete. After roasting, spread the beans in a single layer at room temperature, uncovered. This allows them to cool off and release carbon dioxide. Once cooled, store the beans in an airtight container or grind them immediately for a fresh cup of joe and enjoy!