Always Opt For A Potluck Dish That Doesn't Require Oven Space

Potluck parties are one of the easier approaches to entertaining, yet inviting a group of people to bring dishes to share can come with complications. Depending on instructions given by the host, opt to deliver a recipe that doesn't need to be heated up. No-bake food items offer convenience and ease for both the guests in attendance and the host of the party, and you won't need to wait around for space in the oven to become available before sharing your dish. 

With limited space in both the kitchen area and the oven, dishes that require additional baking or cooking before serving can compete for attention and care. Instead of having to search for utensils to make your dish, ask the host how to operate finicky appliances, or tinker with the oven to reheat your buffalo chicken lasagna, choose a recipe that you can confidently present without having to step foot inside the kitchen. Snacks and finger foods that can be quickly set out to be served can keep guests satisfied and hosts relaxed, and dishes that can be shared without any extra prep will keep you out of unfamiliar cooking areas. 

Choose satisfying dishes that are easy to share

Think salads, sides, and appetizers when putting together recipes that don't require cooking time upon arrival. Yogurt dips, summer salads, gazpacho soup, and no-bake cakes can be easily made and prepared to suit a range of dietary preferences. Veggie trays and cheese and crackers are easy to carry and present, while pasta and grains that can be served cold can be set out quickly with little fuss.

If you do need to assemble ingredients for your recipes, opt for simple add-ins upon arrival, like reserving crouton crumbles in a separate container to mix in at the potluck before serving or leaving more delicate produce to slice and add just before mealtime. As tempting as it might be to showcase an old family favorite recipe, the office potluck may be better served by an easy addition of homemade charred tomato salsa and an assorted display of chips to choose from.