The Best Type Of Dripper To Use When Brewing Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-over coffee has been enjoyed across Europe since the 1900s but has really only taken the spotlight with the arrival of specialty coffee. Such a method of manual brewing allows the complexity of high-quality beans to shine, with careful control over every step of the creation process. Plus, the vessels themselves optimize delicious flavors by both trapping unwanted oils and enabling the free flow of coffee.

Such coffee makers may seem simple in design; pour-over brewers like the V60 and Kalita have a sleek, cone-like shape. However, each device delivers its own intricacies, impacting the resulting coffee's flavor. So, with the alteration of every element crafting a distinct brew, it is no surprise that the brewing vessel's composition makes a difference, too. Drippers come in a variety of materials — ceramic, glass, plastic, copper, steel, and more. Although none produce a bad cup, plastic drippers stand above the rest; let's dive into why.

Plastic drippers are best for regulating heat

When it comes to the dripper's material, it's all about temperature control. According to coffee expert Matthew Woodburn-Simmonds of Home Coffee Expert, the less energy it takes to heat the vessel, the better. This way, the bulk of the water's heat is transferred to the coffee, creating a more uniform brewing condition. Glass and ceramic brewers have a high thermal mass — they require more heat to warm up. On the other hand, plastic drippers become hot quickly, ensuring that the temperature pouring from the kettle is closer to what extracts the beans. This leads to a brew that's easier to perfect, with less interference from the dripper's heat.

While plastic brewers aren't quite as eye-catching as other models, they also offer other functional advantages. They're sturdier and more affordable, making them hassle-free for home use. And even if you happen to own a dripper from a different material, don't fret and feel the need to throw it out. In the expansive world of coffee brewing, every vessel has its nuances. So, to attain a delicious cup, there are many routes.