Repurpose Your Forgotten Whiskey Stones For Hot Coffee

The whiskey lovers among us are plagued by an unfortunate conundrum. Due to their enjoyment of the spirit, friends and relatives default to gifting them whiskey stones for nearly every holiday and occasion. But as true whiskey aficionados know, the solid blocks, which are meant to cool a glass of the stuff without diluting it, are not as desirable a drink accouterment as their gifters may think. Indeed, a high-proof spirit such as whiskey is supposed to be diluted with a bit of water, which can help bring out its complex flavors and aromas. 

As many drinkers agree, the best way to enjoy whiskey is with a bit of ice, making those fancy stones all but useless on a bar cart. It's the thought that counts, of course, but in the end, there's no denying the fact that the stones will sit forgotten in the back of a kitchen junk drawer until the end of time. 

Unless, of course, you find a way to repurpose them that doesn't involve compromising the taste of your expensive liquor. And lucky for you, we've got the perfect suggestion: Rather than letting that collection of whiskey stones go unused, you can make the most of them in your steaming hot pour of coffee or tea. As it turns out, their ability to lightly cool a drink without watering it down makes whiskey stones a perfect option for taking the edge off a hot beverage.

How to use whiskey stones to cool your hot beverage

If you often find yourself impatiently waiting for a hot drink like coffee, tea, or even cocoa to cool down before taking a sip, whiskey stones can come to the rescue. Typically made from a natural, non-porous stone like soapstone, the blocks can really be used with any type of liquid since they're designed not to absorb moisture. It's true that they won't chill a beverage quite as well as ice can, but that's just what you're looking for here: A quick and subtle effect that helps speed along your drink's cooling time without making it too cold or compromising its taste or strength with water.

Whether you plan on using them with a boozy tipple or your morning cup of joe, whiskey stones are meant to be stored in the freezer in order to achieve their chilling ability. So, take out your forgotten set from the back of your drawer, dust them off, and pop them in next to your ice cube trays. The next time you're counting down the seconds until your drink is cool enough to gulp, just pop a stone in your cup and let it work its tiny bit of magic. Not only will you reap the benefits of a perfectly cooled-down sip, but you'll also feel good about finally finding a use for the gift you thought was useless.