The 2 Types Of Oil You Should Be Using For Homemade Garlic Aioli

Aioli is a sauce made from emulsified garlic, oil, and sometimes eggs. It's arguably one of the best condiment choices out there, partly because it can be used to supplement so many different dishes. Given its versatility, it's a good idea to have a dependable recipe on hand to make your own aioli, such as Tasting Table's homemade garlic aioli recipe.

Oil is a major part of aioli, so it's important to get that part right when making your homemade garlic aioli. Most aiolis contain at least two oils: olive oil and a variable second oil to balance it out. Olive oil can be a bit overwhelming on its own, so a second, more neutral oil keeps it in check while also filling out the volume of the aioli. For Tasting Table's recipe, we opt for grapeseed oil alongside the olive oil. It's important to prioritize the quality of both oils. Recipe developer Stephanie Rapone said, "Go for a good olive oil, spend the money to get grapeseed oil."

What to use your homemade garlic aioli for

One of the key reasons that aioli is such a great condiment is that it can serve so many different purposes. Once you've mastered the homemade garlic aioli — including using the right oils — you can then focus on the fun part: deciding what dishes to add it to. Firstly, garlic aioli is the perfect complement to just about any burger, from a traditional beef burger to a lamb burger. When you're having a burger, it's likely that you will also have fries on your plate. Whether they're traditional fries or sweet potato fries, you'll be happy that our homemade garlic aioli recipe makes eight servings, because you'll want extra to dip your fries in.

If it's not burger night, maybe you want to drizzle the aioli over a rice bowl or use it as a dip for grilled veggies. Whatever food you think needs some sauce, it's likely that garlic aioli will do the trick. After whipping up the aioli, you can store it in an airtight container for up to three days, giving you plenty of time to try out a few of these suggestions and whatever other dish you think could use a boost.