How Philippe Chow Makes Holiday Meals Special At His Restaurants - Exclusive

Dining at Philippe in New York City or at the Beijing-style Chinese restaurant's most recent outpost in Washington D.C. is a swoon-worthy culinary feast regardless of the season. The restaurant is run by Executive Chef Philippe Chow, who is originally from China and whose artistry was honed for decades in restaurant kitchens throughout the world. Chow recently joined Tasting Table for an exclusive interview at the New York City Wine & Food Festival, where Philippe showcased the restaurant's signature chicken satay skewers. 

As we look toward the upcoming holidays, we chatted with Chow about how he infuses some festive spirit into his cooking at Philippe to make holiday dining an even more special experience for his diners. During the holiday season, Chow enjoys thanking his most loyal customers by preparing a little something extra just for them. He told us that if "they're good customers, I make a new dish for them."

New dishes just for you

Anyone who has had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a meal at Philippe will understand how exciting the possibility of trying Chef Chow's newest untested creations would be. That joy is shared by Chow, who takes a particular interest in customizing dishes based on the preferences of his diners. "I like doing everything differently. If you like it spicy, I'll make it spicy." 

Chow refers to the dishes he prepares for special customers during the holiday season as "trials," as they're also a way for him to test out new flavor pairings in the kitchen and to see how they resonant with his diners. Chow said, "When the customer comes in and eats, if he's happy, I'm happy." That kind of shared joy and communal culinary relationship is one of the things that makes Philippe such a special restaurant to dine at. On the horizon, Chow shared that he's eager to make a new chicken dish that will bring forth tasting notes he hasn't yet fully explored.