Frito-Lay's Newest Product Is Half Cheeto, Half Pretzel

If it seems like you've been seeing Cheetos everywhere lately, it's because you probably have been. From creative flavors like Mexican Street Corn and Flamin' Hot Tangy Chili Fusion to new products like "Fantastix" and boxed mac and cheese, Frito-Lay has been cartwheeling into intrepid snack territory — and fans are digging it. Who could forget the limited-edition Cheetos Duster appliance that dropped last year? Even Alton Brown names Cheetle "the best flavor on earth." Now, the company is back with a when-worlds-collide fusion tailor-made for savory snack fans.

Introducing Cheetos Pretzels. The snack is halved into two distinct sides — one side is a cracker-like texture covered in the iconic vivid orange Cheetle dust, and the other side is a pretzel. As the Cheetos website explains, the aim is to achieve intense flavor and a desirable crunch while injecting a bit of mischief into the mix. Cheetos Pretzels are available in two flavors: Cheddar and Flamin' Hot. Both are now available for $5.69 in 10-oz bags and $2.49 in 3-oz bags at stores across the country.

How long will the new snack be around? There's no "limited time" label on the packaging or mentioned in the product's official press release, so at least for now, it looks like fans can get comfortable. In fact, many fans have already taken to the internet to sound off on the new fusion snack, and the reviews are nothing short of fixation.

Cheetos fans love the intense flavor, and pretzel fans are paying attention

Foodies on social media have praised Cheetos Pretzels, especially the spicy kind. From this early batch of reviews, the overarching opinion seems to be that the Cheddar flavor is more malty and perhaps blander, while the Flamin' Hot flavor is closer to the taste fans have come to expect and love.

Perhaps the most glowing review claims that Cheetos Pretzels boast a generous coating of flavorful cheese dust — even more than classic Cheeto crisps and notes the cracker-like texture of the pretzels' back half. In one TikTok by @joniblackstone, the self-proclaimed "Cheeto Chancellor" raves, "Oh yeah, look at how much seasoning is on there. That's what I'm talking about. I wish Cheetos looked like this ... They have a very strong hot Cheetos flavor."

According to the Frito-Lay press release, the new fusion snack's creation was inspired by recent consumer trends. The pretzel sector has been enjoying growth lately, 58% of which has been driven by flavored pretzel sales. Plus, says the company, 63% of the foodies who regularly buy Cheetos also purchase pretzels. These figures are supported by another September 2023 study by MarkWide Research, which found that pretzels have become increasingly popular in the North American market as consumers desire more innovative flavors.