Dunkin' Is Shaking Up Limited Espresso Martinis At One NYC Bar

If there are two things that are hot in the beverage world right now, it's espresso martinis and mixing alcohol with basically every drink brand on the market — and it looks like Dunkin' is committed to both. Espresso martinis have been taking the country by storm for the second time, with the retro '90s drink surging to become one of the most-sold cocktails in America in 2022. 

At the same time, beverage companies like Topo Chico and Simply have been turning out alcoholic versions of their drinks at an impressive clip, catering to a world that can't seem to get enough new boozy beverages. Dunkin' itself already got in on this trend, raising eyebrows and piquing people's curiosity with its new line of Dunkin' spiked coffees and teas. Fresh off that launch in August of 2023, Delish has revealed that Dunkin' is getting into the espresso martini game with a limited-time pop-up bar at Ray's bar in New York City.

Called "Ray's Runs On Dunkin'," the pop-up will be located in New York's Lower East Side neighborhood and will be open for just nine days from October 20, 2023, to October 29. There will be five different Dunkin' cocktails available at the bar, with the star being the Dunkintini, Dunkin's version of an espresso martini. The Dunkintini is made with Dunkin' cold brew, Absolut Elyx vodka, espresso liqueur, and simple syrup. It also gets a tasty snack of a garnish in the form of a Dunkin' Munchkin donut hole.

The Ray's pop-up bar features five signature cocktails

According to Paste, the five Dunkin' cocktails were created by Ray's bartender, Tim Sweeney. In addition to the Dunkintini, you can grab a tequila-based cocktail built with Dunkin's Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher and tropical fruits called the Dunkin' Ray-fresher, as well as another vodka cocktail, the Dunkin' Matcha Lemon Drop, that mixes Grey Goose vodka with matcha, coconut milk, lemon, and honey syrup. 

In addition to these bright, fresh flavors there are also a couple of drinks with more of a fall theme. There is, of course, a pumpkin cocktail – the Dunkin' Drunkin' Pum'kin — which is a combination of Angel's Envy rye whiskey, cold brew, Dunkin's popular Pumpkin Swirl flavoring, and ginger that comes garnished with a pumpkin Munchkin donut hole. Finally, you can grab the frozen Dunkin' Hazelnut Freeze with Jefferson's bourbon, cacao liqueur, Dunkin' cold brew, heavy cream, and a hazelnut flavor shot.

Surprisingly, this is actually not the first time Dunkin' has taken a shot at the espresso martini. A Chicago pop-up event all the way back in 2019 saw an earlier version of the drink with a slightly different take that used an espresso shot instead of cold brew. Dunkin' even has a recipe for the Dunkin' Inspired Espresso Martini up on its website from 2017, predating the upswing in espresso martini popularity by a few years. Who knew that Dunkin' was such a cocktail trendsetter?