Consider Adding Leftover Pulled Pork To Your Next Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of the best comfort foods out there and, as any mac and cheese lover will tell you, it's perfectly delicious just the way it is. However, sometimes we want to switch up a familiar meal and add something extra. One addition that is a guaranteed way to take your mac and cheese to a tasty new level? Leftover pulled pork.

While there are a few uses for pulled pork that you could opt for (sandwiches, nachos, and so on), we strongly recommend you give it a try on mac and cheese. The pulled pork will add new flavor and texture, with the juices from the pork seeping into the pasta as the taste of the pork is accentuated by the cheesiness of the dish.

To make this combination happen, you'll first want to reheat the leftover pulled pork before adding it to the mac and cheese (and if it is also a day old, reheat that on its own as well). Then, you have two options as to how to bring these delicious dishes together. 

How to serve the pulled pork and mac and cheese combo

Your first option is to place the pulled pork on top of the mac and cheese, whereas your second choice is to mix the pulled pork directly into the mac and cheese. Both are equally delicious options, so it really comes down to preference — and you could always give yourself the opportunity to eat the dish twice by trying it both ways. Plus, the perk of bringing together two separate dishes is that it's easily customizable if the people you're serving have different opinions — the pulled pork can be served right into individual dishes instead of needing to be integrated into the pot on the stove.

Once the pulled pork has been added to the mac and cheese, you're ready to go with a super tasty and unique dish. But, if you want to take it a step further, consider adding a drizzle of barbecue sauce on the top to give it an extra edge. Or, if you want to kick up the heat, reach for sriracha or another hot sauce.