The Perfect Wine Pairing For Walnut, Pear, And Prosciutto Paninis

If you're looking for a new and exciting panini to try, then look no further than Tasting Table's walnut, pear, and prosciutto panini, which was developed by Taylor Murray. Along with the pear and prosciutto, the sandwich comes together with a walnut-based pesto and burrata or mozzarella, within two slices of either ciabatta or sourdough. All in all, it makes for one special, ultra-tasty sandwich that is perfect for a decadent weekend lunch.

To make the meal even more decadent, you're going to want to pair it with the right glass of wine. To steer us in the right direction for the beverage choice, Tasting Table spoke with an expert: Catherine Fallis, a Master Sommelier at Bright Cellars, an online wine subscription service.

Fallis said, "Crunchy, nutty, sweet, earthy and salty are the main components in this delicious panini. I recommend a light, refreshing, neutral food-friendly wine such as Pinot Grigio."

Bright Cellars' 2021 Sprig & Rose Pinot Grigio

The walnut, pear, and prosciutto panini will easily be the star of the show when you serve it for a meal, so when it comes to wine, as Fallis recommended, you'll want to stick to something neutral — and Fallis says that Pinot Grigio fits the bill. Fallis explained that Pinot Grigio wines will differ in taste depending on region, so it'll come down to personal preferences.

Fallis said, "From Italy, these are very dry, very tart and very light. From California, such as Bright Cellars2021 Sprig & Rose Pinot Grigio, they are a bit fuller, smoother, fruitier with a touch of sweetness to match the sweetness of the pear while enhancing the other flavors of the dish as well."

The Sprig & Rose Pinot Grigio has a flavor profile that includes apple, apricot, and lemon, which certainly sounds light and refreshing to us. Plus, the wine's description even recommends pairing it with prosciutto, making it the perfect complement to the panini.