Bring A Bright Crunch To Tuna Salad With Lettuce Wraps

Tuna salad is a delicious and easy meal that just about every tuna lover should have in their repertoire of go-to meals. It's also easy to make a pretty big batch to have throughout the week — if you're planning on doing this, then you'll want to have multiple options to enjoy the tuna salad. There's the straightforward method of making a sandwich with the tuna salad as filling, of course, but we have another idea for you to consider: lettuce wraps.

While lettuce wraps typically contain minced meat of some kind, a tuna salad filling is the perfect way to mix up the standard recipe. The lettuce will add a satisfying crunch to the tuna salad and makes a healthier alternative to serving it between two pieces of bread. Considering that tuna is already good for you — it is high in protein and contains numerous vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D and selenium — these lettuce wraps make for the perfect healthy lunch choice. If you want to make the meal a bit more filling, recipe developer Hayley MacLean has some suggestions for what to pair the wraps with. MacLean said, "While these are a great meal on their own, these lettuce wraps would go great with some steamed veggies or a light soup to keep the meal light and healthy."

On top of the health benefits, Tasting Table's tuna lettuce wraps take just 10 minutes to prepare, which MacLean says is one of her favorite aspects of the recipe.

What to expect making — and eating — the tuna lettuce wraps

Really, the hardest part about making this quick and simple tuna dish is assembling all of the ingredients, as the list is a little long and includes pickle relish, mustard, parsley, and capers. Of course, you could simply mix tuna and mayo, but we guarantee that if you follow this recipe, you won't regret it. Also, you're likely to already have many of the ingredients in your fridge already, such as mayo and lemon juice. When shopping for the ingredients, focus on the most relevant parts of the recipe: the tuna and the lettuce. Tasting Table's recipe calls for butter lettuce, but you could also use Bibb or romaine — any variety with a broad leaf and a bit of crunch. Whatever you choose, just make sure it's fresh produce.

Once the tuna lettuce wraps have come together, you can expect a fresh and delicious dish that is full of flavor. MacLean said, "The red onion and mustard have a nice acidity, while the capers give little bursts of salinity. The main star, though, is definitely the tuna — and all the other ingredients back it up so well!"

If you have leftovers, MacLean suggests storing the tuna salad in an airtight container in the fridge, noting that it will keep for about a week. MacLean added, "The best part about this tuna salad is that the flavors continue to meld together as it sits in the fridge."