The Cooking Spray Tip That Will Help Keep Avocado From Browning

Avocados, with their creamy texture and rich flavor, are a beloved addition to countless dishes. However, they have one pesky trait — they quickly turn brown once cut open. The culprit? Oxidation. But fear not, there's a simple kitchen hack to keep your avocados looking fresh and green: cooking spray.

Avocado lovers know the disappointment of finding a once-vibrant green avocado has turned into unappetizing brown mush. This browning occurs when the avocado's flesh is exposed to oxygen. The result is not only unattractive but also affects the avocado's taste.

Cooking spray — the versatile kitchen staple that it is — has proven to be the secret weapon that prevents your avocados from browning. Lightly spray cooking oil directly onto the exposed flesh of the avocado. To ensure thorough coverage, use a brush or your fingers to spread the oil evenly over the avocado's surface. This extra step helps protect every nook and cranny. You can even follow up with another spritz if you like. The cooking spray creates a barrier that seals out oxygen, keeping your avocado slices or halves looking fresh and appetizing.

Use these oils for the best results

When selecting a cooking spray to use on avocados, opt for a neutral-flavored option. Avocado's delicate flavor can easily be overpowered by strongly flavored oils. Canola or vegetable sprays are excellent choices that won't compromise the avocado's taste. An even better option is avocado oil because it will not alter the flavor at all since it is made from avocados, too.

After applying the cooking spray, consider how you store it to ensure your avocado stays green. If you have half an avocado remaining, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, ensuring the wrap is in direct contact with the flesh. This further limits oxygen exposure. If you've sliced or diced the avocado, place the pieces in an airtight container. Again, minimizing exposure to air is key. If you're storing the avocado for an extended period, a quick reapplication of cooking spray can do wonders.