Rachael Ray Gave Us The Scoop On Her Upcoming Podcast

Few chefs have achieved as much fame and become as much of a household name as Rachael Ray. While Ray had encountered previous success with a popular cookbook and her show "30-Minute Mediterranean Meals" on a CBS-affiliate station local to Albany, New York, she became even more prominent after the premier of her Food Network show "30-Minute Meals" back in 2001. From there, Ray has led a wildly successful career spanning over 20 years, and she's not done yet.

Tasting Table spoke to Ray at the 2023 New York Wine and Food Fest and learned more about her latest projects, including her upcoming podcast. "It's called 'I'll Sleep When I'm Dead' because I've said that for decades," explained Ray. "People always say, 'How do you do so many things? How do you produce so many shows? How do you do so much stuff?' And I'm like, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Who cares? Work while you have time to work."

The podcast will feature guests chosen by Ray to discuss the different things that drive them forward in their lives and the ways they stay motivated. Ray confirmed that the main focus of the podcast is answering the question: "How do you keep going when things suck?" The podcast doesn't have a set premiere date yet as Ray is holding off on releasing new work until the SAG-AFTRA strike is over since she's a union member.

Other upcoming Rachael Ray projects

Rachael Ray told Tasting Table that she thinks "people are sick to death of me." Luckily, her continued success proves those thoughts to be far from the truth. Filming for her next project is set to begin in November but won't air until the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. She has also taken on a larger role in producing other shows through her production company Free Food Studios. Ray mentioned that she has multiple shows focused on herself and others in the works, and that another Rachael Ray cookbook could be on the horizon as well. She told us, "I mean, it's probably inevitable that I will write yet another book."

Free Food Studios was created by Ray and her longtime production partners Brian Flanagan, Anthony Amoia, and Sean Lee. The new production company launched in 2023 after Ray completed filming of the final season of "The Rachael Ray Show." The final episode aired in May 2023, ending a 17-season run of her iconic talk show. Ray has no shortage of upcoming projects set to debut once the strike has come to an end, and you can expect to continue seeing her for a long time.