Stuff Meatloaf With Marinated Mozzarella For A Massive Flavor Upgrade

If you want to zhuzh up a classic meatloaf with minimal work, we've got a one-step move to elevate this iconic family favorite in seconds: Give your meatloaf the massive flavor upgrade it deserves by stuffing it with marinated mozzarella.

Now, if you're a culinary maverick who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, you may be familiar with stuffing meatloaf already. Anything from whole-boiled eggs, mushrooms, or even mashed potatoes can transform this comforting American dream of a dish, (first recorded in a 19th century recipe book) into something new and exciting. But there's something about pairing the savory flavors of the ground meat with the creaminess of mozzarella that's a match made in heaven.

This glorious move is an absolute winner because you'll be using store-bought mozzarella. This means you won't be spending extra time and energy on making fresh stuffing from scratch with the ingredients in your pantry. Secondly, marinated mozzarella has already been packed with tasty seasonings and herbs, such as basil, pesto, or chili flakes, which will instantly lend an extra layer of flavor to your meatloaf; it's a strategic shortcut to maximizing yumminess. Finally, as the mozzarella melts in the oven and melds together with the juices from the meat, it will result in a yielding, melting middle that's super-satisfying and filling.

Create a gooey middle for your meatloaf

To create the ultimate meatloaf with a cheesy middle, begin by preparing your favorite combination of ground meat, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. Then place half of your meaty mixture in your prepared pan, reserving the final half for later. Press the mixture into the bottom and sides of the dish using your fingers to create a cavity for your marinated mozzarella. Alternatively, run a spoon along the center of the ground meat to create a deep indentation for the cheese.

Balls of baby-sized Bocconcini or sliced varieties of creamy mozzarella work perfectly here (don't lose sleep over the dimensions of your cheese as everything will come together in the oven to create a lusciously stringy melting middle). Be mindful to keep the cheese away from the edges of the pan so you can stuff the remainder of your meat mixture around the sides and top of the cheese to create a little enclosure for all that mozzarella goodness. Finally, top your meatloaf with classic ketchup or a herby marinara sauce that will wonderfully complement the mellow marinated mozzarella hidden in the center. When you slice through your stuffed meatloaf, you'll witness a culinary thing of beauty; an appetizingly delicious cheese pull coupled with the scrumptious aroma of the onion-speckled meat.