The Overlooked Way To Earn Starbucks Rewards With A Reusable Cup

Starbucks Rewards is a popular loyalty program that offers customers a variety of benefits, including free drink refills, food, and merch in the form of accrued stars, which can be redeemed for rewards. And here's a secret you might not know: One of the best ways to earn Starbucks Rewards stars is to bring your own reusable cup when you order. In addition to receiving a 10-cent discount on your drink for using your own cup — which is one of many tricks to save money at Starbucks — Starbucks Rewards members also earn 25 bonus stars each time they use a reusable cup.

While many Starbucks patrons are aware of the personal cup discount, many don't know about the bonus Rewards stars. To earn the 25 additional stars, make sure that you have signed up for the Starbucks Rewards program and made at least one purchase within two years. Then, simply present your reusable cup when ordering at Starbucks. Not only will you be doing your part to help the environment, but the barista will scan your Starbucks Rewards card or app, and you will automatically receive those extra stars.

Earning Starbucks Rewards stars with your reusable cup

Using a reusable cup at Starbucks is easy, but it does require a little more planning. First, you'll need a cup. While any cup will work, Starbucks sells both hot and cold reusable cups in its standard sizes, oftentimes in unique limited edition designs — like the 2023 Starbucks Halloween cups — that have become prized among collectors. Next, ensure that your cup is clean and dry. If you order a hot drink, make sure that your cup is heat-resistant. Likewise, don't forget to bring a lid if you're in the mood for a cold drink. 

The reusable cup discount only works when ordering in stores, and is not applicable for drive thru or mobile orders, though you can take advantage of this perk up to three times per day. When ordering, be sure to let the barista know that you brought your own cup. You'll be charged based on the size of the reusable cup, with the barista ringing in the closest equivalent Starbucks cup size, erring toward the smaller (and less expensive) size. You'll then receive 10 cents off of your order and the 25 bonus stars will be applied to your Starbucks Rewards account.

Just think, if you visit Starbucks three times a week and always bring in your reusable cup, you will earn 75 bonus stars each week and put a lot less waste in the landfill. So, be sure to bring in your reusable cup on your next Starbucks run. it's a great way to reduce waste and earn Starbucks Rewards at the same time!