Turn To Your Slow Cooker For Super Tasty Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

The slow cooker is practically a miracle worker given all the things that it can do — roast meats, cook stews, and make pastries, along with many other uses. One of the slow cooker's best purposes? Making homemade cinnamon rolls.

When you set out to make homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, the prep time ends up being about two hours because you have to let the dough rise twice (first for about 50 minutes, then later for about 25 minutes), and it can get a bit taxing having to wait around for the rise before you can finish the prep and put them in the oven. But with the slow cooker, the rising time is actually cut down to just 10 minutes, then you pop them in the slow cooker for two hours on high. While the cook time is longer than it would be in the oven, it ends up being less prep work. You can make the process even easier for yourself by using canned crescent rolls for the dough, as in this crockpot cinnamon roll recipe.

Cinnamon roll recipe ideas for the slow cooker

The slow cooker is ready to take on any cinnamon roll recipe you want to throw at it. If you're not in the mood for traditional cinnamon rolls, then you may want to try red velvet cinnamon rolls, which utilize a box cake to make things nice and simple for you. With its aesthetically pleasing bright red color, it's the perfect easy recipe for a Valentine's Day treat. Or, if you want a different flavor, you can check out these raspberry cinnamon rolls, which integrate raspberry jam into the cinnamon filling.

Additionally, the slow cooker is the perfect vessel to make a cinnamon roll casserole instead of the typical individual round pastries. The easiest way to make this is to use cans of cinnamon rolls, which you cut up into pieces and arrange tightly together in the slow cooker. The casserole also takes about two hours in the slower cooker, but set to low.