The Free AI Mixologist Tool That Takes The Creative Guesswork Out Of Home Bartending

Have you ever had an array of cocktail ingredients at the ready but had no idea what to make? Your mixology mystery has a new solution thanks to cocktail syrup producer Liber & Co. and creative agency Hunter, Gather. The two companies have partnered up to create a first-of-its-kind AI mixologist. The AI service — nicknamed Liber after Liber & Co., which was in turn named after the Roman god of wine — uses your personal preferences and the ingredients you have in your kitchen or bar to guide you through the drink-creation process.

Adam Higginbotham, the co-founder of Liber & Co., said via press release, "AI has been the subject of so much excitement in the last year, and we've always wanted to bring our cocktail database to life. So when Hunt, Gather approached us with the opportunity to incorporate this extremely unique technology into our brand we knew it was a moment where stars were aligning."

Liber contains a multitude of cocktail recipes from Liber & Co. and other cocktail resources from around the internet. The catalogue ranges from classic cocktails such as a Moscow Mule to less common drinks like Liber & Co.'s own non-alcoholic Notorious F.I.G. The AI can walk mixologists through measurements and techniques and even offer ingredient substitutions as needed. You can use Liber to craft a drink around ingredients you already have or around the kind of drink you would like to make.

How to use Liber

Liber is free to access online at, where you'll be greeted by a statue-style mascot representing the AI. From there, you'll be prompted to use a text box to communicate with Liber. You can tell the AI which types of ingredients and alcohol you have or what flavors you want represented in your drink. Liber will then ask you a few personal taste questions to figure out your drink preferences, such as if you prefer a sweeter or more bitter beverage, or if you're okay mixing liquors. After you provide enough information, Liber will present you with a detailed drink recipe.

If there are issues with any of the ingredients, you can ask Liber for a substitution. You could employ the AI at your next cocktail party or use it to help define your own signature cocktail. Liber also offers a variety of suggestions to use up the leftover ingredients sitting in your liquor cabinets, which could otherwise be tricky to find uses for.