A Spiral Sliced Ham Is The Ultimate Hack For Stress Free Party Prep

You've sent out the invites, stocked up on libations, and have your music playlist set and ready to go. Now comes the hard part of prepping for a party: deciding what to serve. Whether you're hosting a holiday feast or celebratory soiree, chances are you'll need a menu fit to feed a large group. And while cooking for a crowd tends to be time-consuming and especially stressful, it definitely doesn't have to be — if you choose the right dish, that is. If you're in search of the perfect party meal that's not only easy to whip up but also guaranteed to please a crowd, look no further than a classic spiral sliced ham.

There are a few reasons why a hefty spiral ham makes for the ultimate party dish. For one thing, it takes a ton of stress out of the kitchen, given the fact that most store-bought hams are already precooked. While you can certainly put your own creative spin on the dish, adding a unique sweet glaze or topping it with pineapples, in most instances, you can purchase a cut of bone-in pork that's already been glazed and seasoned to perfection. All you have to do is preheat the oven, pop your ham inside, and let it bake until the pork is hot and juicy. Simply put, it allows you to just forget about it while you spend your time setting the table and getting all of the other aspects of your party in order.

The pre-sliced dish saves you time in more ways than one

A spiral ham is also a host's best friend when it comes out of the oven. The robust cut of pork instantly elevates the look of any dining table when it's presented, stealing the show as a festive centerpiece no matter how it's plated. Without fail, you can cue the "ohhs" and "ahhs" from your guests. And when it comes time to finally serve it? The nature of the pre-sliced ham takes all the effort out of carving. The slices of meat are already perfectly portioned and sliced, so there's no rigorous cutting required before getting some on everyone's plate.

Additionally, the rich, tender slices of ham make a great base for a large feast, given that there are so many sides and condiments that you can serve with it. You may want to dress up your spiral ham by pairing it with a sophisticated dressing of mustard and crème fraîche, or give it a Southern comfort-food twist with a side of collard greens. Since you save so much time on the main course, it frees you up to prepare impressive side dishes.

Finally, the spiral ham is also effortlessly poised for leftovers. When it comes time to clear the table and send guests home with a Tupperware of extra food, you can simply wrap up the remaining slices to be used in sandwiches, omelets, salads, and more for days to come, making it the ultimate does-it-all dish.