The Tip For Choosing The Best Flavor Combinations When Juicing

Making your own healthy juice cocktail of assorted fruits and vegetables can feel like something that requires a recipe. If you go too far, you can risk making a mystery elixir that tastes more like a science experiment than refreshing juice. If you don't go far enough, you'll be left with an uninspiring mix that you probably could have bought at the store. So how should you strike the right balance? 

The secret lies in your very own tastebuds and culinary sense. Pairing up vegetables and fruit should follow a natural formula decided by what you like together and what other cooks often pair together. For instance, if you love a particular salad that features earthy kale, crisp green apple, and peppery radishes, and is served up with a lemon dressing, why not try those flavors in your juice? This goes for other classic combos as well, like beloved recipes for fruit salad, raw slaws, and gazpachos that all can become the next formula for juicing endeavors. 

Combine flavors you know work well together

Let's start with your plethora of choices. Any salad that offers a hearty green and crisp fruit combo is fair game, as is any marinated vegetable salad, like a lemon juice-spiked fresh corn, tomato, and red onion salad. Slaws are great recipes to rely on too since they can pair sweet and savory ingredients with ease. Consider what a jicama, carrot, red bell pepper, and lime slaw might be like as a sippable drink. Gazpacho is also a good place to start, as it can be seen as the refreshing juice version of soup. On the sweeter end of the spectrum, you can turn to a classic fruit salad, like a herbed pineapple, berry, and melon salad you'd normally have or brunch.

Of course, these recipes need to be used as a guide to good flavor pairings, not for actual ingredient ratios. Instead, pair these combos with a very watery, mild vegetable like cucumber, celery, or zucchini which can bulk up the juicy side of your drink. Beyond that, there are very few limitations to what kind of juice you can create.