After Brewing, Keep Coffee In A Thermal Carafe To Preserve Its Taste

For many people, coffee is more than just a beverage — it's a food group and an essential daily (or maybe twice or thrice a day) joy. As we all know, not all coffee is created equal. There's a world of difference between a bitter cup of joe from that ancient breakroom machine and your favorite coffee shop's latte. Luckily, the art of making a great cup of coffee is one that's possible to master at home. All the steps ranging from the beans you choose, the brewing techniques you use, and even how you care for your coffee after you've brewed it all make a difference in the overall taste and flavor. 

When pouring yourself a refill, have you ever noticed that your second cup of coffee has gone slightly bitter or lost its luster? One important step you might be overlooking that can make all the difference is the storage method you use. Instead of letting brewed coffee sit in a plastic pot or French press canister, try pouring it into a metal, airtight, double-walled carafe. These containers are specifically designed to minimize heat transfer and loss, meaning they don't just keep your coffee hot for longer, they also help maintain that fresh, just-brewed taste.

A double walled insulated carafe is key to keeping coffee fresh

You might think most of the magic for making the best cup of coffee happens during the actual brewing. However, what happens next matters almost as much. Whether you're planning to come back for a second cup, brewing for the rest of the house or office, or saving that hot coffee for later use, it's important to store your coffee right. Reheating coffee in a microwave can result in uneven warming. Keeping coffee sitting in the French press means it continues to mix with the grounds, resulting in over-extraction — a fancy way of saying a harsh, bitter taste. 

Enter the carafe. A double-walled, insulated carafe sounds fancy, but many of the containers in affordable drip-style coffee makers actually are insulated carafes. A thermal carafe is notable because it has double walls. This ensures liquids stay hot, while keeping the outside cool for your hands, usually through the use of a vacuum between the two walls. Investing in one won't break the bank either — many large online retailers carry them for around $20, or you can look for one at your local thrift store. The upgrade is an affordable, simple one that will ensure your cup of coffee is not only the best part of waking up, but continues to be delicious all day long, no matter how many more cups you're sipping.