What It Means When A Drink Is Considered A 'Mist'

Though you may have heard of drinks served on the rocks, the term mist is used for another way to use ice in a drink, and no, the presentation doesn't necessarily include a fog-like experience. A misty cocktail is one that has been made and served over crushed ice, like a classic mint julep or frozen daiquiri. Cocktails served with crushed ice offer a refreshing texture and can water down stronger spirits for an easy-to-sip slushie intended for adult palates.

Because crushed ice melts fast, this style is best used in drinks that are consumed at a quicker pace, like mojitos, frozen margaritas, and tropical drinks. Recipes for such beverages tend to lean on the sweeter side and can pack a strongly alcoholic punch. Crushed ice brings more water into the mix, turning down the volume of the alcohol content while cooling drinks quickly — causing a fine mist of condensation on the outside of the glass.

Serving punchier drinks with intention

Don't leave ice as an afterthought — the kind of ice you include with your drinks can dramatically impact not only the taste but also the presentation of your final beverage, so up your at-home bartending game by pairing ice intentionally with recipes. Even if you do not have an ice maker in your home, you can still make mist drinks for yourself. Crush ice cubes in a blender, smash cubes against a sturdy surface, or use a rolling pin to crush smaller cubes before filling glasses and pouring in the fruits of your bartending labor. 

Since crushed ice will water down your drinks significantly, plan accordingly when pairing this type of ice with your alcoholic concoctions. Alternatively, the next time you visit a bar, ask for your drink to be made misted for a lighter, more watered-down beverage that can keep you sipping with a little less of an alcoholic wallop.