Home Chef Debuts Tempo, Lineup Of New Microwavable Meals

Catering to time-conscious consumers, Home Chef has unveiled a newly launched recurring weekly meal delivery subscription service called Tempo. In a press release from Cision PR Newswire, Erik Jensen, CEO of Home Chef, elucidated the company's ethos behind the launch, "The Home Chef team is constantly looking for new ways to make mealtime achievable for more people." 

Jensen believes Tempo is the solution for busy folks who "prioritize convenience and balanced eating in their routines." So imagine you come home after a long day at work, or you need a quick lunch at home between online meetings. Thanks to the convenience of microwaves, you can enjoy a fully prepped meal packed with proteins and vegetables in about four minutes. 

But it isn't just about speed. Scott Payne, Chief Product Officer at Home Chef, stressed the balance between convenience and quality. "Convenience is a top mealtime priority. But no one wants to sacrifice great taste or nutritional benefit for ease," he noted. 

Tempo ships meals nationwide across the U.S., with about 12 menu options weekly. Vegetarians can rejoice as there are at least two vegetarian options per week; however, vegan options are not guaranteed every week. There are six size plans for one to choose from, and the meals start at around $11 per serving. The more meals you order per week, the less costly each serving becomes.

Tempo's Fresh Approach: Beyond the Frozen Aisle

Browsing Tempo's menu, one discovers a variety of dishes ranging from pasta options like Basil Pesto White Bean Primavera to diverse bowls such as the Bolognese Stuffed Cabbage Bowl with Brown Rice and Harissa Beef Meatball and Couscous Bowl. Tempo's menu features dishes predominantly suited for instant pot, single pot, or single bowl preparations, emphasizing steaming and boiling techniques, which ensure optimal microwave reheating. There's also an apparent trend towards healthier grains, with abundant brown rice, cauliflower rice, couscous, and quinoa offerings.

The conspicuous absence of Home Chef's iconic items — burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and the like — is palpable, and one can't help but wonder: will Tempo's Tuscan-Style Chicken with Stewed White Beans and Kale hold its flavor integrity after a four-minute microwave stint? 

Tempo appears to have sidestepped the conventional frozen microwave meal narrative, opting for a fresh approach, literally and figuratively. The health-centric alternatives resonate with today's fast-paced yet health-conscious demographic. Convenience is undeniably a huge win, but for Tempo to succeed in this competitive culinary landscape, flavor cannot take a backseat. Only time and the palates of discerning consumers will tell. Celebrating its launch, Tempo has rolled out a giveaway set to commence on October 9 by following on Facebook and Instagram, according to the press release on Citation PR Newswire.