The Only States In The US Where You Can Still Get McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

McDonald's apple pie has long been a staple at the fast food chain, dating back to 1968 when it became the menu's first dessert item. Back then, these turnover pies were served fried, unlike the version we know today. In 1992, the company decided to start baking the pies instead, leaving fans of the original recipe with a McDonald's deep-fried apple pie void in need of filling. The pie recipe was further modified in 2018 to create a modern healthier alternative, which features fewer ingredients, real butter and cinnamon, and reduced sugar. Though McDonald's as a whole may have gone the health-conscious route by switching to this new version, there are actually still some locations where you can purchase a fried apple pie — but only in two states: California and Hawaii. 

In California, there is just one McDonald's, located in Downey (which is in southeast Los Angeles County), still serving the deep-fried rendition. This location (pictured) is the oldest operating McDonald's in the world, having been built in 1953, so it makes sense that those in charge of it would want to stick to a more traditional menu. This means they fry rather than bake their apple pies. The design of this location also hasn't changed at all over the years — you actually can't even go inside. To order, you must walk up to a window. Meanwhile, in Hawaii, all of the McDonald's locations serve the original apple pie recipe, which means that they're all deep-fried to crispy perfection.

Hawaiian McDonald's locations still serve fried apple pies

McDonald's Hawaii franchise owner Victor Lim spoke to Honolulu Magazine in 2019 about why the state's McDonald's locations have preserved the original apple pie recipe. As it turns out, Hawaiian locations did switch to the baked version in 1992 with the rest of the chain's locations — it just didn't stick.

"The baked pie is more doughy," Lim said. "The fried pie is very nice and crispy. People did not like [the baked] as much as the fried pie." He also revealed that Hawaii restaurants sell way more apple pies in general than those within the continental U.S., which is why Hawaiian McDonald's locations are allowed to continue serving the original recipe. "Our results prove that there's a customer demand here in Hawaii," he added. 

Lim actually approves of the newest baked apple pie recipe, and told Honolulu Magazine that he has considered offering it at the state's McDonald's locations — but as an additional option to the fried version rather than a replacement. So, next time you're in Hawaii, you may want to consider making a pit stop at one of their Mickey D's locations to secure this classic McDonald's dessert in its original form. Unless you live near Downey, California, it may be your only opportunity to get your hands on a good old-fashioned McDonald's fried apple pie.