Try Making A Cosmo With Tequila For A Bold Twist On The Classic Cocktail

The cosmo is a classic cocktail for a reason. But, sometimes it's nice to shake things up and give even the most beloved tipples a much-needed makeover. Rather than totally reinvent the cosmopolitan recipe with a surplus of ingredients and additions, the experts tell us that the secret to a more vibrant-tasting cosmo might be as simple as swapping out the spirits.

For an especially zesty take on the cosmopolitan, David Yan González, Director of Tequila Operations at 818 Tequila, suggests trading vodka for a splash of tequila. González explains that neutral-tasting vodka can often "be masked by the cocktail's other flavors." In contrast, tequila makes its presence well-known thanks to its incredible degree of complexity. 

Transforming the cosmopolitan from a one-dimensional cocktail into a beverage that's imbued with depth, tequila enhances flavor in a way that vodka cannot. Additionally, with tequila as the base spirit, its sharp and peppery edge can also balance the sweetness of the cranberry component, all the while amplifying its tartness. The main question is: Which tequila proves the most compatible for a cosmo?

Blanco is best in a cosmo

The type of tequila you use can affect the overall flavor of your cocktail. That said, unlike a reposado or añejo that has been aged longer to develop smooth and spiced qualities, a crisp blanco tequila is the ideal match for a cosmopolitan. While González recommends 818 Tequila Blanco, any blanco or silver-style tequila will fare well due to its light and citrusy profile.

Pleasantly sour yet honeyed, the cocktail boasts quite a bit of complexity. It delivers an immediate zing, but leaves behind delicately vegetal and earthy nuances long after you've taken a sip. As for why the flavors seem so complementary, González explains, "The tequila-based cosmopolitan works nicely because the ingredients are the same as a margarita, plus the cranberry." 

Naturally, you can play with ratios, decreasing the amounts of citrus or doubling up on the cranberry juice to better balance the punchy tequila. Once you're satisfied with the quantities, you can get to the fun part: mixing your cocktail. Using 818's cocktail kits to help streamline the process, just add everything to a cocktail shaker with ice, and shake vigorously. Strain the chilled tequila cosmo into a glass, garnish with a lime wedge, and enjoy.