The Unexpected Diet Coke Drink That Packs An Extra Caffeine Punch

Real Diet Coke fans know that finding your perfect version of the famous soda drink is a rite of passage. Perhaps you likeĀ mixing your Diet Coke with a lime wedge or a packet of sweetener, but have you tried espresso in your Diet Coke? Joe Hegyes (@bequietjoe) on TikTok shared his unique take on how he likes to enjoy Diet Coke. Hegyes adds a shot of espresso and a lemon wedge to the soda for a refreshing, extra-caffeinated drink. This coffee and soda combo is reminiscent of a frizzante. Frizzantes are a coffee soda drink that combines espresso with sparkling water and a slice of citrus.

To make this Diet Coke espresso concoction at home, all you'll need is a shot of espresso, a can of cold Diet Coke, and a lemon wedge. Start by pouring your pre-chilled Diet Coke over a glass of ice. After you pull your espresso shot, you'll add it to the drink and gently stir. It's important to add your espresso shot as the final layer of the ingredient to best preserve the flavor of the espresso. You can finish the drink off with a squeeze of lemon. The result is a slightly fizzy, rich espresso flavor paired with the familiar one-of-a-kind taste of Diet Coke. In total this drink contains around 110 mg of caffeine, so if you're someone who watches their caffeine intake, you may want to consider using decaf espresso or caffeine-free Diet Coke.

Ways to customize your drink

The best part about this Diet Coke beverage is that you can customize the flavors however you please. Since you're using a fresh espresso shot, it's simple to add different flavored syrups or mix-ins to the espresso for completely unique beverages. You can start with more classic syrup flavors such as lemon, cherry, or lime. These are all fruit flavors that have been used in Coca-Cola products in the past and lend themselves to seamlessly fitting in with your beverage.

However, if you're not looking to add any additional sugar or syrups to your drink, you can focus on the garnish of your drink instead. You can opt to use different citrus fruits such as limes or oranges to change the flavor of your drink just slightly. Lime will give you a more tart flavor punch while orange offers a lightly sweetened taste. You can also experiment with the types of espresso beans you use for your espresso shot. Different espresso roasts will focus on different tasting notes for the espresso beans. Try different options till you find your favorite for the pairing.