The Crafty Technique To Give Your Dirt Pudding A Grassy Effect

Part of what makes dirt pudding cups so unique is that they are both delicious and educational. The various layers of crumbled-up cookies, graham crackers, and chocolatey pudding are often used to represent the different layers of the earth's surface, making this treat a tasty, thoughtful option for kids. There's also plenty for adults to enjoy about dirt pudding; aside from being an easy-to-make dessert, their delightful appearance means they are perfect for themed parties, especially if you add a bit of grass to complete the scene. All you need to create some grass and boost the aesthetics of your dirt pudding is shredded coconut.

A few tufts of light green grass is the perfect way to top off any dirt pudding cup, and using shredded coconut to achieve this effect will ensure that it tastes as good as it looks. To transform the coconut into grass, simply toss it into a bowl or a plastic baggie. The amount you'll need depends entirely on how many dirt cups you're making, but a quarter of a cup should be enough to get you started. To the bowl or bag add a drop or two of green food coloring before mixing everything together. Keep adding food coloring drop by drop until you achieve a green you're happy with.

Alternatives to coconut grass

If you are allergic to coconuts or just don't like the taste, there are a few other ways to create a grassy finish for your dirt cups. One sweet technique involves separating the strands of green apple-flavored licorice, like Twizzlers, cutting them up into short segments, and then sticking the pieces directly into your dirt pudding. Or, you could buy or make a bit of buttercream, using green food coloring to adjust the hue. Pack the frosting into a plastic baggie, cut off a small corner of the bag, and squeeze to pipe out the buttercream and create a grassy texture atop your pudding.

While it is possible to buy edible candy grass, it can be quite expensive. Depending on the brand, it can cost almost $5 an ounce, compared to shredded coconut which can be just over $1 per ounce. Along with being the easiest way to make your own edible grass, another benefit of opting for shredded coconut is that you can use the leftovers for other recipes, such as these scrumptious cowboy cookies. Once you have topped the dirt pudding with a bit of greenery, the cups are ready to be served at your next birthday party, Easter gathering, or anytime you want something sweet. Just don't forget the gummy worms for some real authenticity.