The Stars Of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Debut New Whiskey Brand

The stars of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" have already created TV history with the longest-running live-action sitcom of all time, and now they are looking to spin their bar-centric stardom into a new brand of whiskey. Named Four Walls, the idea for the whiskey came after Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, and Charlie Day introduced a limited-time drink to raise money for the bartending community last year. The product was announced in a press release, and consumers can get a laugh viewing the commercial that depicts Four Walls' comedic origin story. It features the stars sharing a drink at a bar before accidentally spilling American rye into a glass of Irish whiskey, creating the unique Four Walls blend.

True to the video, Four Walls is an Irish-American 80-proof blend, which mixes an Irish whiskey with a bold American rye. The drink is described as "smooth enough for shots," and also able to "hold up in cocktails — a true utility whiskey." The name and inspiration for the whiskey come from all the time the three stars spent together in bars. In a statement published on PR Newswire, McElhenney shares, "The three of us have come up with some of our best ideas and had some of our most memorable nights out together in unassuming rooms where great bartenders made us feel like a million bucks when we probably didn't have a hundred between us."

Four Walls is an affordable whiskey blend

While the trio's first whiskey was a premium bottle, they have opted for a more accessible price point of $36 for Four Walls. Day explains, "After our higher-end releases, it was important for us to make a whiskey priced that all of our fans could try and that bartenders would want to use in everyday drinks." Philadelphia got a sneak preview of Four Walls during a performance at The Mann Center. As for everyone else, it is now available for purchase from the product website, as well as from other online retailers like Flaviar and Caskers. Four Walls merchandise is also available on the online store, with proceeds of some items going to benefit the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation.

The "It's Always Sunny" gang's whiskey is just one in a recent wave of celebrity-owned liquors. Tequila brands from George Clooney and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have gotten the most press, but UFC star Conor McGregor and soccer legend David Beckham have also gotten into the whiskey game. Contrary to what you might think, a lot of these brands aren't just stunts — they are actually pretty good. Clooney's Casamigos is among the best widely available tequilas. So even if you're not a Sunny fan, Four Walls might be worth checking out.