Turn Your Starbucks Pink Drink Into A Strawberry Matcha Sensation

The Starbucks secret menu is something like the dark web of coffee orders — no one's quite sure where it came from, who thought of it, or even where it exists, but it's out there. Thankfully, the only secrets you'll find on it are fun new flavors and drink combinations that Starbucks doesn't advertise. And, since Starbucks brought matcha, a Japanese powdered green tea, to its menu in 2006, a lot of them also include this punchy green powder.

Starbucks isn't much of a haven for matcha drinkers, and the textural problem with its Iced Green Tea Lattes might be one reason why. Aside from the Iced Matcha Lemonade and the Matcha Cream Soda served only at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo, Starbucks' matcha rarely gets a cameo of new flavors or cold foams like the brand's espresso-based drinks. And that's where the secret menu comes in handy.

Sweet from the strawberry and umami from the matcha, strawberry matchas have long been a staple on menus at other more matcha-focused cafes. Starbucks, however, isn't one of them. But, thanks to the strawberry purée that the chain uses for its Strawberry Crème Frappuccino, most Starbucks locations have the means to make you one. Behold the magic and the mystery of the secret menu.

How to order a strawberry matcha from Starbucks

There are a couple of ways that you can order a strawberry matcha from Starbucks. One way that's been circling around is by asking for a Pink Drink with matcha-vanilla cold foam on top. When ordered this way, your barista makes a Pink Drink, as they usually would, but blends a scoop of matcha into the vanilla cold foam before adding it in. You can also boost the strawberry flavor by asking them to drizzle strawberry purée into the bottom of the cup. The result is sweet, creamy, and refreshing. But it's also a bit time-consuming to make. Considering that secret menu drinks can complicate things for hard-working Starbucks baristas, it might be better to simplify your order. 

Some of you probably have the confidence to walk right up to the busy counter and order the most complicated secret menu item imaginable despite the barista's obvious disdain, but there's a way to get a strawberry matcha from Starbucks without going through all that. Simply ask for an Iced Matcha Tea Latte, in whatever size and with whatever milk you prefer, and tell them to add strawberry purée to the bottom of the cup. This is how most strawberry matchas are made at all of those trendy matcha cafes and boba shops, anyhow. Plus, it will make your barista's day just a smidge easier — and you won't have to deal with any judgment for having an obscenely long drink order.