How To Give Any Cookie An Extra Sweet And Shimmery Crunch

If you're someone who likes to bake at home, then you know that there are seemingly endless tips and tricks to make homemade cookies the best that they can be. Well, if you're interested in giving any cookie an extra sweet and shimmery crunch, then we've got a new tip for you to try out: roll the cookie in sugar before baking.

Yes, it's really that simple. Once your dough is all finished and you're getting ready to place it onto a baking sheet, set up a small bowl filled with sugar. Then, roll your cookie dough balls through the sugar. From there, proceed as normal with the recipe and cook time. The result is a cookie with not only a nice crunch but a little extra sweetness in the flavor.

Your mind may have immediately jumped to sugar cookies to use this recipe on — which is definitely a good idea that will result in delicious cookies — but the sugar rolling idea can definitely be used beyond just sugar cookies.

Other types of cookies to use the sugar rolling trick on

Sugar cookies, true to their name, are even better if you roll them in sugar before baking — but the fun doesn't stop there. Chocolate chip cookies, for example, deserve some extra sweetness as well. Plus, you don't have to stick to white sugar; chocolate chip cookies may benefit from being rolled in brown sugar instead since the flavor of brown sugar has more of a caramel-y toffee flavor that you may find is better suited for a chocolate chip recipe. Even oatmeal raisin cookies can benefit from the sugar rolling technique — it's the perfect way to make a less sweet cookie a little bit sweeter if that's what your taste buds prefer.

A prime example of how well the sugar rolling technique works is the snickerdoodle. Most traditional Snickerdoodle recipes specifically instruct you to roll your dough through a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to make sure those flavors are front and center in the finished cookie product. Molasses gingersnap cookies are another example of cookies that require sugar rolling prior to baking.

Really, just about any cookie can benefit from this tip if you're looking for some extra sweetness that will also produce that satisfying and shimmery crunch. So next time you're in baking mode, you may want to experiment by pulling out that extra sugar.