How To Transform Your Grilled Cheese Into A Classic Breakfast Sandwich

Grilled cheese is easily one of the best comfort foods out there, as well as being one of the simplest dishes to get right. The best grilled cheese uses your favorite type of cheese (or mix of cheeses) — such as cheddar, pepper jack, or mozzarella — and is made on fancy bread, such as sourdough or maybe even a baguette. Additionally, it's perfectly crispy on the outside, thanks to the help of either butter or mayonnaise — whichever side you take in the long-held debate.

Well, imagine that perfect grilled cheese, but turned into a classic breakfast staple. To achieve this, it just takes a couple of additions, despite grilled cheese typically not being considered a breakfast food.

Many grilled cheese recipes already bring in some additions, such as meats or veggies, so you may as well tweak those additions to be ingredients of breakfast dishes. For example, we can add in bacon and scrambled or fried eggs to go with the melted cheese to make a classic breakfast sandwich — not unlike one you would find at a restaurant or a fast food joint.

Other ideas for a breakfast grilled cheese

Other than bacon, a great meat idea would be sausage — either a traditional pork sausage or something of the chicken variety, such as chicken apple sausage. And if you want to go for something homemade, try an easy breakfast turkey sausage, which takes just 25 total minutes to make. Or, you go the route of deli meat and add in sliced turkey or sliced ham for that extra protein.

Plus, let's not forget about a common breakfast staple for many: avocado. Avocados show up everywhere on breakfast menus, whether it's avocado toast or an ingredient in breakfast burritos. Just as well, some avocado slices will fit right into your breakfast grilled cheese ingredients. Additionally, there are plenty of veggies, such as onion or bell pepper, that can be integrated into the sandwich. For example, if you prefer scrambled eggs in the sandwich, you can throw some diced veggies into the scramble before adding them to the sandwich.

You could also switch things up with the bread and opt for one that is more associated with breakfast, such as an English muffin or a breakfast. That said, we also love the idea of striking with a baguette or sliced sourdough to keep it closer to traditional grilled cheese.