The Blender Hack For Delicious Homemade Apple Juice In Minutes

When it comes to juices, apple juice reigns supreme with both kids and adults. Per Statista, 69% of Americans call apple juice their favorite. But not all apple juices are created equal. Some contain more added sugar than others, as well as a list of ingredients you may not be able to pronounce. The only real way to control what you guzzle down is to make it yourself, and it might surprise you to learn it is easier than you think and doesn't require a juicer.

As for what apples you use to make your juice, it really depends on your taste buds. If you like apple juice that is on the sweeter side, stick with a Fuji apple or even a Honey Crisp or Red Delicious. However, if you are more a fan of a juice with a little bit of sour tang to it, you may want to opt for a Granny Smith or Pink Lady. The rule of thumb is if you like to eat them, chances are you will like them as juice.

How to make apple juice in your blender

If you have a blender, a few apples, and something to use as a filter, you can make your own homemade version of this fruit juice in minutes. Simply cut up your apples into small chunks, free of cores and seeds, and place them in your blender along with a little water and blend. Once, you've completed this step, you will have something that looks like a smoothie consistency. To get to the liquid, strain your apple juice so you aren't slurping up applesauce. You can accomplish this by using either your mesh strainer, cheesecloth, or even a coffee filter or medical gauze. 

With a spoon or a spatula, push down on any of the remaining solids in your filter of choice to get every little bit of juice there is. You can add a little water or sugar if you want to dilute or sweeten it, but just remember to add these ingredients slowly. Add too much water, and it is going to taste like apple water.